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Latex dryer

Latex dryer
  • Latex dryer
Product code: 22771700001
Unit price: 16000 CNY  (2325.18 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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species: Drying Equipment Washing capacity: 100-150 kilograms (Kg)
style: Single barrel Scope: Industrial
model: SWA801 Drive mode: The drum-type
The degree of automation: Automatic Spinning Capacity: 100
Brand: Tongyang Product Type: brand new
Washing medium: water voltage: 380 (V)
rated power: 4.4 (Kw) Dimensions (L * W * H): 1500 (mm)
net weight: 950 (Kg) Barrel material: stainless steel

Dryer latex largemouth dryer filter dryer drum dryer pine-dryer, factory direct 13,301,430,058.

Dryer latex largemouth dryer filter dryer drum dryer loose dryer Tongjiang industrial dryer models: SWA801-15 , SWA801-20 , SWA801-30 , SWA801-50 , SWA801-100 , SWA801-120 , SWA801-135 , SWA801-150 , Dryer is padded, jeans, socks, cloth, bolts of cloth, bed sheets, quilt, towels, uniforms and other spin-drying clothes after the ideal drying equipment. Using thermal cycle principle reached by the high temperature dehumidifiers Hung Chien effect automatic control by computer, according to the drying requirements, configure different drying temperatures and drying time, drying automation to achieve inner tube using excellent heat resistance plate made of stainless steel bright, smooth wall, reducing clothing Wear high-efficiency dryer, heating up fast; reasonable structure, low noise; simple steam heating and electric heating equipped with highly efficient heat sink two choices, with a reasonable lead duct, hot air directly and clothing. contacts, improve the drying efficiency and save energy. industrial dryer is a washing machine, usually after washing dehydration, used to remove clothing and other textiles in the water. Most of the dryer comprises a rotary drum, the inner cylinder driven by a belt, around the drum with hot air to evaporate moisture. drying cylinder and are based on the principle of reversing drum , To achieve the drying effect of items not wound