Supply of industrial washing machine (100KG) washing washing machine washing equipment

Supply of industrial washing machine (100KG) washing washing machine washing equipment

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Our factory is located in the Yangtze River Delta, the national development of the city - Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, the company under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City Tongjiang washing machine factory, Jiangsu Province, the largest and most complete equipment, manufacturing of clothing and fabrics washing machine and hotel / hotel / hospital washing professional equipment manufacturers, factory outlets, a full set of equipment Shipping hotline 13301430058 24 at your service.

The main products are washing machine: 20kg-100kg (clothing, fabric) proofer, 30kg-400kg (washed, stone, sand) Industrial washing machine, 30kg-150kg automatic steam dryer, φ500-1500MM type stainless steel dehydrator, 30kg-300kg drum garment dyeing machine, 15kg-100kg automatic washing machine (automatic industrial washing machines), 1800-3000MM automatic (single roll double roll) steam ironing machine, a large carpet cleaning machines, 270kg Japanese computer frequency jeans clothes washed, stone industrial washing machine, denim sandblasting machine, jeans and hand Sassafras machine, spraying monkeys machine, 200kg-400kg (dry rub, knead water PUPVC) leather rubbing machine, 100-150kg leather rubbing dryer , washing machine latex industry latex, latex drying machines.

These products are widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, silk, leather, knitted garment after finishing, washing, sand, stone, sand, stain and other garment processing business, as well as washing guesthouses, hotels, guest houses, hospitals and other laundry processing business.