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Supply 120KG dryer SWA801-120

Supply 120KG dryer SWA801-120
  • Supply 120KG dryer SWA801-120
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Dryer 1: How it works industrial dryer system based on the principle of heat exchange, the use of heat from steam radiators, ventilation fans can live continuous suction to produce a thermal cycling process, the rotary drum winds turn the material in the rotating cylinder pros and cons of turning constantly, gradually drying 2: structural features industrial dryer drum is high quality stainless steel refined, durable, does not damage the material of the electrical control system can automatically control the machine forward and reverse operation, as long as the user. According to the technological requirements of different materials, adjust the drying time. The drying ground will automate the entire process. The transmission system uses two triangular tape drive, smooth operation, no vibration and noise. The machine structure system cabinet formula , small footprint, suitable for a variety of venues suitable for hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, hospitals, dyeing, textile and other industries, can be dried sheets, towels, towels, clothing and other cotton, silk, chemical fiber fabrics. Structural features bake Dry high efficiency, fast heating; reasonable structure, low noise; simple and more steam and electric heating two ways to choose from.