Supply fully automatic industrial washing machine

Supply fully automatic industrial washing machine

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Tong Yang
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Overall dimensions:
Total weight:
3500 kg
Overall dimensions:

Brief description of the automatic offline washing

1, using the touch-screen programmable microcomputer control, a high degree of automation is safe and stable, good shock resistance and so on.

2, the latest national cylinder vibration absorber suspended structures, from the hard impact design to hydraulic buffer and spring combination vibration absorber structure, the machine works in a high-rise building can achieve the desired effect of avoidance.

3, washing machines using EC-bile, single door structure, makes it easy for user charging and discharging, reducing the intensity of staff, while increasing the rate of wash.

4. the whole machine is fully enclosed, rear frame structure of water and pollution-free environment. Tank shells are made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance is strong and durable.

Automatic washing for offline uses
Automatic offline washing used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and dyeing industries. Automatic offline washing to be washed cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber fabrics such as the ideal equipment.
Two: structure
1. offline uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation automatic washing, fuzzy control, easy to operate, fully automatic washing and dewatering integration features.
2. automatic offline washing suspended structures, low vibration, low noise.
Three main technical parameter of automatic offline washing (Main Technical specifications)
Automatic offline washing model
Model XTQ-100kg
Model XTQ-100kg XTQ-70kg
Model XTQ-70kg XTQ-50kg
Model XTQ-50kg XTQ-30kg
Model XTQ-30kg XTQ-15kg
Model XTQ-15kg
Automatic offline rated washing capacity 70 50 30 kg 85-100 15
Automatic offline laundry washing tank capacity l 940 600 430 275 180
Maximum motor power kW 11 7.5 automatic offline washing 6 4 2.2
Automatic washing off electrical heating power kW 60 45 30 20 10
Automatic offline washing water consumption per vehicle of about kg 1800 1250 1200 1000 300
Automatic washing for offline consumption per vehicle of about kg 50 45 30 20 15
Automatic offline washing power consumption per vehicle of about kW 7.5 7.5 5.5 4.0 2.2
Automatic offline washing dimensions
(Length, width, height) mm 1760*1915*2100 1750*1730*2090 1650*1650*1900 1410*1430*1760 1010*1110*1510
Automatic offline washing machine weight kg 3130 about 2800-2600-1900 950

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