Supply Tong Yang Zhangjiajie ironing machine

Supply Tong Yang Zhangjiajie ironing machine

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The company supplies Tongyang Zhangjiajie ironing machine quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

Industrial ironing machine Scope:
Tongjiang washing machine factory production of industrial ironing machine (ironers) applies to sheets, quilt, tablecloths, towels and other fabrics ironing, drying industrial ironing machine is widely used in clothing, hotel, hotel laundry, hospital , sauna center, industrial and mining enterprises.

Second, the industrial ironing machine Features:
1, industrial ironing machine adopts frequency control, the user can choose a suitable ironing speed according to the needs and situation of different screed thickness of the fabric;
2, The machine adopts industrial ironing machine drying cylinder pressure steam or infrared electric heating approach is the United Kingdom, the heating roller surface, high thermal efficiency;
3, the ironing machine adopts gear reducer, ratio big, strong overload capacity, low noise;
4, chain drive, has a large carrying capacity;

5, ironing machine conveyor system between the various levels set corresponding speed difference, the fabric easier Zhang pressed flat; screed better results;
6, drying cylinder steam inlet rotary joint seal without leakage, long service life.
7, This series of models have steam heating and electric heating two forms of alternative heating
8, the Company has successfully developed four, five, six roller ironing machine, the user according to the specific circumstances of the ironing machine upgrading;