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Supply Tong Yang SMJ large scouring machine

Supply Tong Yang SMJ large scouring machine
  • Supply Tong Yang SMJ large scouring machine
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Scouring machines, scouring joint machine, wool washing joint machines, automatic wool cleaning machines, automatic scouring line equipment, wool washing equipment Main features:

1, wool feeder automatic feeding hair, most of the other parts are BC034-92, BC034-183 wool feeder common parts, spare parts for the user to reduce species. Machine width 1000mm, 1220mm, 1520mm, 1830mm and other variety available to users Alternatively, it can be user defined specifications.

2, open with five tin 林开松 hair dryer, is the introduction of the B044-100 on the basis of the original absorbing foreign advanced technology, development, with loosening effect, to soil miscellaneous rate, non-blocking hair, do not fly, etc. features. If scouring machine is 1000mm, also eliminates the need to feed a hair dryer.

3, all adopt stainless steel bowl sink with overflow tank, wash solvent ratio, erosion and convenient, and one, two wash tank using a funnel-type structure (all four funnel), sewage excellent results. Sewage plant manual foot dynamic, automatic can be, flexible and durable; circulating pump with large diameter, low head and large flow pump, and charring machine universal, do not block the use of combined gross rake crank, cycloid reducer drive compact,. easy maintenance, machine width has 1000mm, 1220mm, 1520mm for users to choose.

4, all rolling car using carbonized machine common wall, security acceleration devices, reducing the user rolls the kind of spare parts for the whole cast from cast iron or stainless steel; pressurized pneumatic or spring means to pressure; cycloid reducer or Horizontal worm gear drive; Machine width 1000mm, 1220mm, 1520mm, for users to choose.

5, drying using walking curtain-type drying machine B061, B061 type drying machine heating for the casing, take curtain speed motor drive, adjust flexibility.
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