Supply Tong Yang ZD hotels designed for folding machines | ZD folding machine

Supply Tong Yang ZD hotels designed for folding machines | ZD folding machine

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Hotel designed for folding machines | ZD folding machine | Tongyang factory direct sales hotline: 13301430058.
1. Definition of folding machines: typically connected with the screed can be automatically folded flat material machines or automatic folding towels, pillow covers and similar materials used machines on the current domestic and folding machine, it is mainly used in for bed sheets, tablecloths and other flat fabric after drying or ironing automatic folding, or for after drying towels, towels, pillow covers and other automatic folding
2. linen folding machine applications:
Tong Yang folding machine is widely used in hotels, restaurants, guest houses medical, military units, schools, textiles, washing plant, dyeing factories, printing and dyeing, silk, garments, aviation Railway laundry plant and other industries in the field of automatic folding machine for sheets, quilt, tablecloths, blankets and other fabric folding.
The company is China washing Association member, Chinese product quality assured customer satisfaction integrity. The company has advanced washing technology, good management, a full range of after-sales service, strong technical support, allowing users and collaborators never worry about.
The company aims: to high-tech quality of survival, reputation and good after-sales service to win the market.