Supply Tong Yang sgxhSGXH automatic closure environmental dry cleaning machines / pass

Supply Tong Yang sgxhSGXH automatic closure environmental dry cleaning machines / pass

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Supply Tong Yang sgxhSGXH automatic closure environmental dry cleaning machines / through hotline 13301430058. welcome.

Dryer: size divided by volume:. 10KG, 15KG, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 120kg, 150kg, 200KG etc. dryer The dryer electric heating type, steam type, wood-burning type, burning natural gas supply hot way for the freedom to choose different users.

The machine is cabinet structure, through overhead radiators, exhaust fan from the bottom, to distribute the heat evenly inside the box, the drum for reversing operation, the fabric evenly heated, moisture from the plane, to the drying effect The machine is built by a stainless steel drum, radiator, welded shell, motor, exhaust fan, electrical parts, transmission parts and other components. reasonable structure, high efficiency, low noise, safe and reliable. weaving after drying, soft feel bulky It is a linen fabric ideal drying equipment.
1. The use of automatic control device, the control panel simply by adjusting a good time, you can automate the entire drying process;
2. The drum made of stainless steel, cylinder beautiful smooth, durable, no scratches fabric phenomenon;
3. Large door design, easy to open the door 180 ° freedom, draw the clothes easier;
4. triangular tape drive, smooth operation, low noise, safe and reliable.

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