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Supply Tong Yang TGTG dryer | Supply Henan dewatering machine | full self

Supply Tong Yang TGTG dryer | Supply Henan dewatering machine | full self
  • Supply Tong Yang TGTG dryer | Supply Henan dewatering machine | full self
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Eluting dual machine
Washing capacity:
30-50 kg
Drive mode:
The drum-type

TG dryer | Supply Henan dewatering machine | automatic dryer
The product size by volume is divided into:. TG500, TG600, TG800, TG1000, TG1200, TG1500 dewatering machine dewatering machine is tilting three-foot overhang structure, the triangular chassis, cast feet, park chassis, drum, shell, motors and other components . drum shells are made of high quality stainless steel by the triangle belt drive, direct drive motor starting wheel, the machine slowly starting to reach the design speed to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, the machine has brakes, good braking performance, make the machine stopped in a short time. The main components of industrial dewatering machine is liner, liner around cloth with small holes to be dehydrated laundry is placed in the interior of the electric motor to drive the high-speed rotation of the liner by a belt. Then produce great centrifugal force, the water thus thrown out through the hole on the liner, unified discharged after being collected. In general, for wet clothes, dewatering equipment for two minutes work achieved by the drying effect of almost two and dryer work Ten minutes achieved the same effect, but not completely dried clothes dryer. Therefore, a way to save time and energy practices is that for the first damp clothes were drying operation, finished off the water and then drying operations.
Centrifugal dewatering machine adopts high-quality refined steel, corrosion resistance, durable, stable operation, good balance, low noise, dewatering rate is relatively high industrial dewatering consultation orders, centrifugal dewatering machine dewatering equipment please call..: 13301430058.