Supply dryer 120KG | washing machine | washing equipment | washing equipment | automatic dryer | dryer

Supply dryer 120KG | washing machine | washing equipment | washing equipment | automatic dryer | dryer

Product description:

species: Drying Equipment Washing capacity: 100-150 kilograms (Kg)
style: Single barrel Scope: Industrial
model: SWA801-120 Drive mode: The drum-type
The degree of automation: Automatic Brand: Tongyang
Product Type: brand new Washing medium: other
voltage: 380 (V) rated power: 4.4 (Kw)
Dimensions (L * W * H): 1500 (mm) net weight: 960 (Kg)
Barrel material: stainless steel

Ten brand manufacturers, Tong Yang washing machine dryer manufacturers supply 120KG washing machine washing equipment washing equipment automatic dryer dryers, factory direct 13301430058. company specializing in the production of 30-150kg large clothing dryer, hotline 13301430058. And a large water machine, large industrial washing machines. 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg, 250kg, 300kg and other large washing machine. 25kg-220kg industrial centrifugal dewatering machine. 1800mm-3000mm ironing machines and other laundry equipment.

Fast dryer energy efficient dryer, thermal cycling dryer, environmental Dryer Model : SWA801-100 Chinese bank number: M201008 , TEL : 13301430058 .

Ultra-efficient fast drying : Large-sized heat exchanger, heating area, heat is more plentiful. Heating up fast, drying time is short. Loading 78% Moisture content 52% Only under the premise of drying time 30 minute.

The use of stable and easy to maintain : V-belt drive system uses two passes, particularly narrow V Belt drive, passing ability, good wear resistance, high stability, easy routine maintenance. Fan impeller blades with large spacing, plush clogging simple computer-controlled operation : Users can according to different drying linen, for a variety of temperature, time, and reversing programmed, when the linen drying effective but also get well-protected. As users think of many user-friendly design, more convenient to use : Large caliber fitted clothes door, fitted clothes take clothes convenient. Entrance port design specifically for the go-ahead, avoid scratching linen. Drawer stuffed collector, pull it clean. Our products are mainly applicable to all types of clothing factories, washing plants, printing and dyeing, hospitals, hotels, tanneries, railways laundry plant and other enterprises, product performance, selling the country. The company has always pursued 'quality first, customer first' principle, in order to meet user demand for the purpose, warmly welcome you buy our products.