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Automatic dryers | vertical stainless steel dryer | clothes drying equipment factory | towels, bath towels dryer

Automatic dryers | vertical stainless steel dryer | clothes drying equipment factory | towels, bath towels dryer
  • Automatic dryers | vertical stainless steel dryer | clothes drying equipment factory | towels, bath towels dryer
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species: Drying Equipment Washing capacity: 50-100 kilograms (Kg)
style: Single barrel Scope: Industrial
model: SWA801-100 Drive mode: The drum-type
The degree of automation: Automatic Spinning Capacity: 100KG
Brand: Tongyang Product Type: brand new
Washing medium: water voltage: 380 (V)
rated power: 4.4 (Kw) Dimensions (L * W * H): 1500 * 1800 * 2360 (mm)
net weight: 980 (Kg) Barrel material: stainless steel

The company specializes in the production of Tong Yang unlicensed automatic dryers - Vertical stainless steel dryer - garment factory drying equipment - towels towels dryer

Taizhou Tongyang Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to provide you with industrial washing machines, industrial washing machines, product range, service allows you to rest assured that the company has 20 years of production experience, the main products include: automatic washing machine, automatic ironing machine , automatic dryers, centrifugal dewatering machine, automatic washing machines, industrial washing machines, automatic dry cleaning machine, fabric denim sandblasting machine, schools, hospitals, hotels, guest laundry facilities, dyeing dual-use machine, leather rubbing profiling machines, eluting bake one machine, dryer latex washing machine and washing equipment, etc. These products are environmentally friendly and energy saving features, widely used in many industries.

Company Profile:
Taizhou city in Jiangsu Tong Yang Washing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, national urban development - Taizhou City, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, the company administered Tongjiang washing machine factory, Jiangsu Province, the largest and most complete equipment, manufacturing of clothing and fabrics washing machines and hotel / hotel / hospital washing professional equipment manufacturers, China's washing machine Association member units, domestic production of machinery and equipment garment washing largest companies, was awarded ISO9001: 2000 quality certification, the international CE certification, import and export rights.
The company mainly produces 15kg-70kg (clothing, fabric) Small washing proofer, 15kg-400kg (washed, stone, sand) Industrial washing machine, 15kg-150kg automatic steam dryer, φ500-1500 type stainless steel dehydrator, 100kg -300kg garment dyeing machine, 15kg-150kg automatic washing machine (automatic industrial washing machines), 1800-2800 automatic steam ironing machine, folding machine 3300 sheets, 270kg Japanese automatic, computer frequency, jeans washing, stone industrial washing machine. (single gun, guns) denim, corduroy sandblasting machine, 200kg-400kg (dry rub, knead water) leather rubbing machine, 100-150kg leather rubbing dryer, washing machine leather, silk sand washing machine, silk sand machine, fabric sand machine, marine washing machines, laundry facilities marine, industrial filter cloth washing machine, wool washing equipment, medical washing machine, a large carpet cleaning machines, automatic dry cleaning machines, steam ironing table and steam generation and so on.
My company and Japanese cooperation in the development of the nation's largest cowboy clothes washing machine, dryer with Frequency Control, pneumatic door closers, pneumatic water, automatic temperature control and other functions, has large quantities of normal use in large domestic garment, such as 'Zhejiang did not weave China, Zhejiang Xiao Shao Dyeing Group, Changzhou Black Peony, Shandong Yan Lan Group' and many private enterprises.
Our products are widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, silk, leather, knitted garment finishing, washing, sand, stone, sand, stain and other garment processing business, as well as hotels, guest houses, hospitals, schools, ships, chemicals and other laundry detergent processing business.
The company's focus on product quality and reputation, as well as good service, not only sells products, but also exported to Europe and other countries in the world. Products Three Guarantees, life-long service, and provide long-term parts and repair services.
All along, the company adhere to the 'quality of survival, technology and development' corporate purposes, to increase production capacity of key processes, the establishment of modern enterprise management system, market development, strengthening domestic and foreign sales network.
Enterprise development on their own, but by everyone.
Sales, general manager of Mr. Cao Houhua, welcome new and old customers visit the guide, work together for a better future.
SWA801 series 15-150KG industrial dryer (dryers) Main features:
Dryer: size divided by volume:. 10KG, 15KG, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 120kg, 150kg, 200KG etc. dryer The dryer electric heating type, steam type, wood-burning type, burning natural gas supply hot way for the freedom to choose different users.
The machine is cabinet structure, through overhead radiators, exhaust fan from the bottom, to distribute the heat evenly inside the box, the drum for reversing operation, the fabric evenly heated, moisture from the plane, to the drying effect The machine is built by a stainless steel drum, radiator, welded shell, motor, exhaust fan, electrical parts, transmission parts and other components. reasonable structure, high efficiency, low noise, safe and reliable. weaving after drying, soft feel bulky It is a linen fabric ideal drying equipment.
1. The use of automatic control device, the control panel simply by adjusting a good time, you can automate the entire drying process;
2. The drum made of stainless steel, cylinder beautiful smooth, durable, no scratches fabric phenomenon;
3. Large door design, easy to open the door 180 ° freedom, draw the clothes easier;
4. triangular tape drive, smooth operation, low noise, safe and reliable.

The main structural features of industrial drying machine: a
1: High industrial dryer efficiency, heating up fast; reasonable structure, low noise; simple steam heating and electric heating two choices.
2: Electric industrial dryer heating heat pipe is made of stainless steel, heating up fast, high heat efficiency.
3: Liner industrial dryer are using the national standard stainless steel plate production.
4: Industrial Dryer computer controller, the performance is more stable, more accurate temperature control.
5: industrial dryer professional for garment factories, washing plants, hotels, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises.
II: industrial dryer main technical parameters (Main Technical specifications)

Industrial Drying Machine Model

Capacity kg

Power kw

Steam pressure MPa
steam pressure

Rotating speed
r / min

Drum size (mm)
drum Size

Dimensions (mm)
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Industrial dryer SWA801-30








Industrial dryer SWA801-50








Industrial dryer SWA801-100








Industrial dryer SWA801-120








Industrial dryer SWA801-150








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