Hospital sterilization washing machine | isolated eluting machine disinfection | Disinfection dryer

Hospital sterilization washing machine | isolated eluting machine disinfection | Disinfection dryer

Product description:

species: Eluting dual machine Washing capacity: 50-100 kilograms (Kg)
style: Barrel sleeve Scope: Medical
model: XTQ-100 Drive mode: The drum-type
The degree of automation: Automatic Spinning Capacity: 100KG
Brand: Tongyang Product Type: brand new
Washing medium: water voltage: 380 (V)
Barrel material: stainless steel

XGQ series of health isolated eluting machine washing machine isolated hospital disinfection disinfection disinfection eluting machine dryer

Size divided by volume:. 50kg, 70kg, 100kg and other series XGQ series of health isolated eluting machine is our latest development of successful health isolated washing equipment, which feed back door out of the front door to reach health isolation material, full suspension shock absorption, washing and dewatering, the performance indicators have reached the advanced level; ideal for hospitals, electronics and other industries; disinfection of hospital linen isolated, washed clean clothes in the electronics industry has a good washing machine isolation effect of the country. first, to replace imports for China's washing industry to reduce the high cost of the equipment the device has a washing capacity, good isolation, low energy consumption, noise and vibration, beautiful appearance, reasonable design, etc; by the majority of domestic users Welcome to the hotline 13301430058, welcome.

The country's largest hospital laundry equipment manufacturers - Tong Yang washing machine specializes in producing hospital laundry facilities, hospital laundry equipment, mainly medical automatic washing machine, high-temperature sterilization ordinary industrial washing machines, health isolated automatic washing machine, dryer, disinfection and drying machine, ironing machine These devices are all-stainless steel, reasonable structure, low noise, long life, low consumption, good sanitation and disinfection washing effect, etc., is the hospital, laundry medical establishments preferred device.
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