Tongyang washing equipment price | quality Tongyang washing equipment | washing equipment Tong Yang Pictures

Tongyang washing equipment price | quality Tongyang washing equipment | washing equipment Tong Yang Pictures

Product description:

Washing medium: water Barrel material: stainless steel
species: Washing machine Custom processing: It is
Washing capacity: 100-150 kilograms (Kg) style: Single barrel
The degree of automation: Automatic rated power: 3 (Kw)
model: SWA net weight: 900 (Kg)
Scope: Industrial Brand: Tongyang
Product Type: brand new Drive mode: The drum-type
voltage: 380 (V) Dimensions (L * W * H): 2300 (mm)

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Tong Yang washing machinery products mainly include: eluting machines, dryers, ironing machine, industrial washing machines, washing machines, denim stone washing machine, sand washing machine of silk, denim sandblasting machine, industrial dryer, centrifugal dewatering machine, drying dryer, ironing machine, automatic washing and drying machines and other products widely used in textile, dyeing, knitting, silk, chemical fiber, garments, clothing, hotels, schools, hospitals and other industries.
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