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Tong Yang dryer | stainless steel dryer | iron pieces dewatering machine | textile dryer

Tong Yang dryer | stainless steel dryer | iron pieces dewatering machine | textile dryer
  • Tong Yang dryer | stainless steel dryer | iron pieces dewatering machine | textile dryer
Product code: 22759300001
Unit price: 15000 CNY  (2180.17 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Custom processing: It is species: Dryer
Washing capacity: 100-150 kilograms (Kg) style: Single barrel
Scope: Industrial model: SS751-1000
Drive mode: The drum-type The degree of automation: Automatic
Spinning Capacity: 130KG Brand: Tongyang
Product Type: brand new Washing medium: water
voltage: 380 (V) rated power: 5.5 (Kw)
Dimensions (L * W * H): 1800 (mm) net weight: 2300 (Kg)
Barrel material: stainless steel

Tongyang dewatering machine, stainless steel dehydrator, centrifugal dehydrator Product Description Industrial dewatering machine Main features:
1: Industrial dewatering machine has a unique tilting three-foot overhang structure can be avoided due to load imbalance and vibration generated;
2: Industrial dewatering machine turn gall stainless steel refined, durable;
3: industrial dewatering machine-specific brake arm assembly to open and close, good braking performance, safety and reliability;
4: Industrial dehydration triangular tape drive, driven by the motor started round, slowly start to normal speed, smooth vibration-free operation.
5: Industrial dewatering machine models: ф500 dryer, ф600 dryer, ф800 dryer, ф1000 dryer, ф1200 dehydration and other specifications.
Hotline 13301430058. Centrifugal dewatering machine : Press capacity size is divided into: φ500, φ600, φ800, φ1200, φ1500 dehydrator machine is tilting three-foot overhang structure, the triangular chassis, cast feet, park chassis, drum shell, the drum motor and other components. , shells are made of high quality stainless steel by the triangle belt drive, direct drive motor starting wheel, the machine slowly starting to reach the design speed to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, the machine has brakes, good braking performance, make the machine stopped in a short time. hotline 13301430058. welcome.

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