Supply of washing machines | washing equipment | dryer | dryer | drying equipment

Supply of washing machines | washing equipment | dryer | dryer | drying equipment

Product description:

species: Drying Equipment Washing capacity: 30-50 kilograms (Kg)
style: Single barrel Scope: Industrial
model: SWA Drive mode: The drum-type
The degree of automation: Semiautomatic Spinning Capacity: 30
Brand: Tongyang Product Type: brand new
Washing medium: water voltage: 380 (V)
rated power: 2.2 (Kw) Dimensions (L * W * H): 1200 (mm)
net weight: 360 (Kg) Barrel material: stainless steel

Supply washing machine washing equipment dryer dryer drying equipment, the country's largest washing machine manufacturer - Tong Yang washing machine assembly line machinery professional production of the hotel laundry equipment, industrial washing machine (washing machine), dehydration machine, dryer, automatic washing machines, ironing machine steam-heated and electric heating type and other specifications, mainly for hotels, guesthouses, hospital bed sheets, quilt fabrics such as washing, dewatering, drying, ironing. quality and price Lim, factory outlets, aftermarket timely, hotline 13301430058, Welcome to the patrons.


1, after the installation of professional and technical personnel by the company, the engineers and on-site supervision of installation and commissioning.

2. The People's Republic of China of mechanical products Term laws and regulations, after the purchase of washing equipment commissioning acceptance date 12 months warranty, because washing equipment failure (non-human factors), offer free service during the warranty period.

3, the device to work properly after the warranty expires, equipment failure (non-human factors), I only charge a reasonable fee. Demand side need to purchase spare parts, the supplier the agreed price.

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