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Washing machine | All steel washing machine | Washing machine | Washing equipment | Stainless steel washing machine | Industrial washing machine

Product description:

Category: Washing machine Washing capacity: 100-150 kg (Kg)
Style: Single-barrel Scope of application: For industrial use
Model: GX Drive mode: Roller type
Degree of automation: Semi-automatic Dehydration capacity: 100
Brand: Tong Yang Product type: Brand new
Washing medium: Water Power supply voltage: 380 (V)
Rated power: 3 (Kw) Overall dimensions (l * w * h): 2300 (mm)
Net weight: 1200 (Kg) Barrel material: Stainless steel

Washing machine full steel washing machine washing machine washing machine washing equipment stainless steel industrial washing machines, the nation's largest manufacturer of washing machines-tongyang washing machinery. Mechanical line specializing in the production of hotel laundry equipment, industrial laundry facilities (washing machines), dryer, dryer, fully automatic offline washing, ironing machine with steam heating and electric heating, and other specifications, mainly for hotels, hotel, hospital bed sheets, quilt fabrics, such as washing, dewatering, drying, and ironing. High quality and low prices, factory direct sales, after sales, hotline, 13301430058, and welcome to visit us.

Tong Jiang industrial washing machine: by size is divided into: 30kg , 50kg , 70kg , 100kg , 150kg , 200kg And other series. Tongjiang washing machines for industrial use is drum-type, within the enclosure made of high quality stainless steel, smooth, resistant to corrosion, does not damage the fabric. The set consists of the inner tube, outer tube, motor support Assembly, transmission assemblies, electrical Assembly. Reasonable structure, convenient installation.

Tong Jiang industrial washing machine working principle: the top-mounted motor, v-belt drive transmission Assembly, so that the inner tube for reversing operation, through the fabric with the fabric, friction between the fabric and the inner cylinder wall, to washing effect. Machine with thermal overload device, a timing device, positive and negative rotation control device. Outer door with safety device, if door is opened in the running, immediately cease operation of the machine, ensure that the machine and operator safety.

Industrial washing machines generally apply to: all kinds of garments washing plant, printing and dyeing mill, hospital, hotel, factory, troops, mines, fire services and other enterprises. Industrial washing machine-drum laundry. Using the mechanical work of the motor rotate the drum, and constantly promoted in the clothes in the drum fell off, upgrade and then fell again, repetitive movements, combined with detergent and water only to make washing clean. Not wrapped in the clothes in the wash, washing even wear small, so even cashmere, wool, silk, clothes can be washed in the machine, so as to realize comprehensive washing performance. And less water, formation of high concentration liquid in the barrel, in the case of water brings ideal laundry effect.