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70KG direct industrial washing machines | washing machine supply | washing equipment | washing machine direct

70KG direct industrial washing machines | washing machine supply | washing equipment | washing machine direct
  • 70KG direct industrial washing machines | washing machine supply | washing equipment | washing machine direct
Product code: 22757200001
Unit price: 18000 CNY  (2614.61 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Washing medium: water Barrel material: stainless steel
species: Washing machine Custom processing: It is
Washing capacity: 50-100 kilograms (Kg) style: Single barrel
The degree of automation: Semiautomatic rated power: 2.2 (Kw)
model: GX-70 Application: Industrial Equipment
net weight: 600 (Kg) category: Washing machine
Scope: Industrial Brand: Tongyang
Product Type: brand new Drive mode: The drum-type
voltage: 380 (V) Dimensions (L * W * H): 1650 (mm)

Washing machines, industrial washing machine 70KG direct supply washing equipment washing machine outlets, the company specializing in the production 30kg , 50kg , 100kg , 150kg , 200kg , 250kg , 300kg Other large washing machine. 25kg -220kg Industrial centrifugal dehydrator. 1800mm -3000mm Ironing machine. 30-150kg Large clothing dryer, hotline 13301430058 . And other laundry equipment. The country's largest washing machine manufacturer, factory direct.

First, the main features of industrial washing machine
1, bedroom drum type industrial washing machine inside and outside tube are made of high quality stainless steel is refined, smooth and bright, corrosion resistance, wear and tear on the fabric of small and no damage, the machine long life;
2, an industrial washing machine drum doors are equipped with stainless steel safety cover locking mechanism, the outer cylinder door covered with electrical interlock device is provided, safe and reliable operation;
3, industrial washing machine uses triangular tape drive, small vibration, smooth operation and durability.
4, industrial washing machine features: easy to operate, safe and reliable; the inner and outer tube stainless steel structure, long service life;
5, a variety of styles of industrial washing machines, computer control, display temperature, time control; electromagnetic brake motor, belt drive, reasonable force, low failure rate, easy maintenance;
6, industrial washing machine spindle sealed with a flexible material with a low friction coefficient, reliable sealing, non-polluting.
7, industrial washing machines generally use a drum type laundry manner. Use of motor mechanical work to drum rotation, the clothes in the drum continue to be promoted fell, then upgrade again fell, to do repetitive motion, coupled with detergent and water together make clothing and wash clean.
8, because the clothes are not entangled in the washing process, washing uniform, wear small, so even cashmere, wool, silk clothes can be washed in the machine, so as to realize overall cleaning performance. Also small amount of water, in a barrel within the formation of high concentration liquid detergent, laundry bring about the desired effect in the case of water conservation.

Second, the industrial washing machine works:
The overhead motor, triangle belt, drive transmission assembly, the inner cylinder for reversing operation, by mutual friction fabric and the fabric, the fabric and the inner cylinder wall, to washing effect.
Machine built-in thermal overload devices, timing devices, reversing control device outer tube doors fitted with safety devices, if the operation of the door is opened, the machine stops immediately to ensure that the machine operator safety.

Third, the industrial washing machine Scope:
Industrial washing machines generally applicable to all types of clothing washing plants, dye houses, hospitals, hotels, hotel laundry, chemical, military, mining, fire and other enterprises.