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Automatic offline washing towel 50KG factory direct

Automatic offline washing towel 50KG factory direct
  • Automatic offline washing towel 50KG factory direct
Product code: 22756300001
Unit price: 45000 CNY  (6555.57 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Washing medium: Water Barrel material: Stainless steel
Category: Elution dual-purpose machine Customized processing: Yeah
Washing capacity: 30-50 kg (Kg) Dehydration capacity: 50
Style: Single-barrel Rated power: 4 (Kw)
Degree of automation: Automatic Model: XTQ-50
Net weight: 1500 (Kg) Scope of application: For industrial use
Brand: Tong Yang Product type: Brand new
Drive mode: Roller type Power supply voltage: 380 (V)
Overall dimensions (l * w * h): 1610*1550*1800 (mm)
Automatic offline washing towel 50KG factory outlets, registered trademark of tongyang. Automatic washing machine (Automatic offline washing) features:

Automatic offline washing towel 50KG

Washing, rinsing, dewatering, heating.[1]

Automatic offline washing towel 50KG features

1 ) Using computer controlled, electromechanical integration can be manual, automatic and programmed.

2 ) Stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion, energy-saving and running smoothly.

3 ) Suspended connections, small vibration, low noise.

4 ) Stainless steel or protective plate, corrosion resistance to various chemical products.

5 ) Using steam or electric heating water temperature, which washed the clothes cleaner.

6 ) Used mechanical locks and door control device, such as protective measures, to ensure safe use.

Towels and maintenance of automatic offline washing 50KG washing machine

1 Frequently with a soft cotton cloth to scrub the machine, to maintain a neat appearance.

2 Monthly main bearings lubricated, makes the machine flexible.

3 In strict accordance with the rules of operation, hold their position not to let staff contact.

4 Machine drum not turn stop flight recorder do not open the door to avoid personal injury.

5 , With machinery dehydration has some vibration at high speed, easy to create the connectors loose and fall off, you should always check whether the pipe and joints leakage.

6 , V-belt tension, keep the machine running speed.

7 , The machine shall not be placed around polluting goods items or pollute the air.

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