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Hotel washing equipment gated ocean

Hotel washing equipment gated ocean
  • Hotel washing equipment gated ocean
Product code: 22755800001
Unit price: 58000 CNY  (8429.99 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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species: Ironing machine Custom processing: It is
style: Steam formula rated power: 1.5 (w)
model: XTQ net weight: 2300 (Kg)
Scope: Industrial Brand: Tongyang
Product Type: brand new voltage: 380 (V)
Dimensions (L * W * H): 4000 (mm)

Hotel washing equipment gated ocean. Taizhou Tongyang Washing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer (hotel washing equipment) machinery and equipment washing machine, eluting machine, dryer, ironing machine, industrial washing machines, folding machines, dyeing machines, wool cleaning equipment suitable to use hotel , hotel, hospital bed sheets, quilt fabrics such as washing, dewatering, drying, ironing, etc. now has a number of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and experienced engineering and technical personnel, updating and development of new advanced technology, develop new product areas, advanced manufacturing technology combined with sophisticated production, testing means, forming a mechanical strong competitive advantage. Order Hotline 13301430058.

Hotel washing equipment gated ocean, registered trademarks: Tong Yang brand (hotel washing equipment) factory direct, 13301430058. quality Three Guarantees, life-long service.

Taizhou city in Jiangsu Tong Yang Washing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Taizhou Tongjiang washing machine factory) 13301430058, specializing in the production (the hotel washing equipment) hotel laundry equipment, industrial washing machine (washing machine), dehydration machine, dryer (dryers) , automatic washing machine (washing dewatering machine, automatic washing machines), ironing machine, these devices have steam-heated and electric heating type and other specifications, mainly for hotels, guesthouses, hospital bed sheets, quilt fabrics washing, dewatering, drying, ironing and cheap, factory direct, quality Three Guarantees, life-long service, sale and timely, hotline 13301430058, website http:. //www.tztj.com qq: 199521868. MSN: tztj88 @ hotmail.com. Welcome.

One of the hotel washing equipment Tong Yang XTQ-100 dual-eluting machine price, automatic washing machines (eluting): size divided by volume:. 10kg, 15kg, 30kg, 50kg, 70kg, 100kg and other series set wash off one Frequency automatic washing machines, built-bearing damping system, the machine running smoothly without noise. within the drum shell is made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the life of the machine. In the deceleration braking completed by the inverter and resistor braking device to ensure machine operation more convenient.

The device looks beautiful, generous and convenient installation.

The second hotel washing equipment: washing mechanism made

1) washing machine control system

By the computer panel, computer chips, software, a variety of sensors and other components.

2) barrel

Stainless steel plates welded together, in full bloom with water for washing, and water piping and drain valve is turned on.

3) Roller

Drum made of high quality stainless steel plate, the cylinder wall is equipped with tipping bars overflow hole.

4) transmission mechanism

Transmission by the inverter, inverter motors, pulleys, triangle tape and bearing components.

5) shock mechanism

Shock mechanism swings the compression spring, rod, hook and bearing fixed damper to reduce vibrations when.

6) door

Door made of stainless steel, with rubber door seals, while working with the barrel sealed door for opening or closing the door, the door lock built with interlocking switch, ensure that the machine is not in operation, the door is opened, ensure operator safety.

7) water pipe

A solenoid valve into the water on the road.

8) drain valve

Drain valve open and closed by a solenoid valve.

9) heater

The machine has two kinds of heating methods, one for steam heating, two for electric.

Three hotel washing equipment: Screed structure

1) Control system

Frequency control system, users can choose the appropriate speed according to the needs and situation of different fabrics ironing.

2) Transmission

Mainly by the frequency of the motor, reducer, sprockets, pulleys, chains, triangular tape and other components.

3) drying cylinder

Drying cylinder made of high quality stainless steel, mainly used in baking hot. Screed

4) transfer device

The main conveyor belt guide belt, rubber rollers and other components.

5) heating

The main external steam heating, electric heating, gas heating three.