Large dryer | milling machine | fulling washing machine | fulling dryer | dehydrator fulling

Large dryer | milling machine | fulling washing machine | fulling dryer | dehydrator fulling

Product description:

Custom processing: It is species: Drying Equipment
Washing capacity: 100-150 kilograms (Kg) style: Single barrel
Scope: Industrial model: SWA801-150
Drive mode: The drum-type The degree of automation: Automatic
Brand: Tongyang Product Type: brand new
Washing medium: water voltage: 380 (V)
rated power: 7.4 (Kw) Dimensions (L * W * H): 1800 * 2300 * 2600 (mm)
net weight: 2100 (Kg) Barrel material: stainless steel

Tong Yang washing machine specializing in the production of large dryer, washing milling machine milling machine milling machine dryer fulling dehydration. 15-100kg automatic washing and drying machines, industrial washing machines, dehydration machines, dryers, ironing machines and other laundry equipment for the Knitting Factory, washing plant, fulling washing plants, sand plants, hotels, hospitals and other laundry use.
Large drying machine, milling machine milling fulling washing machine dryer fulling dehydration welcome call to discuss! Hotline 13301430058.

Large dryer. Fulling felting machine washing machine dryer fulling felting dehydration. Industrial dryer (dryers) performance characteristics

1, industrial dryer (dryers) using computer control, can be configured with different drying temperatures and drying time according to the drying requirements to achieve drying automation.
2, industrial dryer (dryers) inner cylinder using excellent heat resistance plate made of stainless steel bright, smooth wall, reducing wear and tear of clothing.
3, industrial dryer (dryer) equipped with high efficiency radiator, and with a reasonable lead duct, hot air and direct contact with clothing, greatly improving the drying efficiency, while saving energy.
4, industrial dryer (dryers) Large diameter feed inlet to facilitate the entry, exit clothing.
5, industrial dryer (dryers) large plush collection network, is not likely to cause plush blockage to protect the flow duct, thereby greatly improving the drying efficiency.
6, industrial dryer (dryers) external steam radiators or electric heating radiators and other models to choose from.