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Washing machines, industrial prices 70KG

Washing machines, industrial prices 70KG
  • Washing machines, industrial prices 70KG
Product code: 22754400001
Unit price: 18000 CNY  (2617.12 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Custom processing: It is species: Washing machine
Washing capacity: 50-100 kilograms (Kg) style: Single barrel
Scope: Industrial model: GX-70
Drive mode: The drum-type The degree of automation: Semiautomatic
Brand: Tongyang Product Type: brand new
Washing medium: water voltage: 380 (V)
rated power: 4 (Kw) Dimensions (L * W * H): 2050 (mm)
net weight: 1300 (Kg) Barrel material: stainless steel

Tong Yang Industrial washing machine brand 70KG theoretical price of 17,000 yuan / Taiwan, 70KG industrial washing machines, washing machines that wash all kinds of textile linen machine.

Industrial washing machine works:

The overhead motor, triangle belt, drive transmission assembly, the inner cylinder for reversing operation, by mutual friction fabric and the fabric, the fabric and the inner cylinder wall, to washing effect.

Machine built-in thermal overload devices, timing devices, reversing control device outer tube doors fitted with safety devices, if the operation of the door is opened, the machine stops immediately to ensure that the machine operator safety.

Third, the industrial washing machine Scope:

Industrial washing machines generally applicable to all types of clothing washing plants, dye houses, hospitals, hotels, hotel laundry, chemical, military, mining, fire and other enterprises.

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