Steel cutting machine

Steel cutting machine

Product description:

Portable electric hydraulic steel cutter

Exclusive use of four high pressure plunger pump oil into the design, so the job is the fastest, after cutting steel, automatic return, dual seal design, not oil spills, on-site relief valve, high performance tool safety standards .

Features :
Exclusive use of four high-pressure plunger pump oil into the design, so the job the fastest.
After cutting steel, automatic return .

Dual seal design, will not leak.
Equipped with pressure relief valves, tools, safety standards for high performance .
Efficient steel cutting ( electro-hydraulic )
Maximum cutting force SD345 shaped bar diameter (¢) 19mm
PC steel HRC36 diameter (¢) 16mm
Spring steel HRC52 diameter (¢) 11mm
Power 220V50Hz
1050W rated power consumption
Cutting speed of about 2.5 seconds
Weight 11.8kg
Standard accessories stainless steel box