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  • Flood-sandbags
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When the rains in low-lying areas, basement entrances, garage. The shortest time to complete interim water proofing works, breezed to move sandbags. Emergency disaster Typhoon, floods, flooding, drainage, retaining the garage, soil collapse prevention, flood prevention in emergency, such as a temporary worker and essential goods.
After full drying can reuse collections (if the bag intact, no holes, which can be reused)

Product features:

Lightweight, simple handling, you can quickly deploy complete waterproof.

Convenient collection, construction and light fast, does not occupy the space.
Using environmentally sound materials, can be a general waste disposal, does not cause pollution to the environment.

1 prevention of underground, rapid transit, basement flooding.
2 prevent homes, garages, shops, schools, hospitals, stations, buildings, factories, warehouses and soaking.
3 preventing mud against the water.
4 preventing the other low-lying flooding.
5 works of drainage, waterproofing, water.
Sandbags for flood control, fire sand bags, flood-sandbags, the basement dedicated sandbags, underground parking stand sandbags used for sandbags