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Levelling Agent O

Levelling Agent O
  • Levelling Agent O
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Levelling Agent O

(Similar product name) peregal O-25, X-102 and so on

(Chemical composition) of fatty alcohols and ethylene oxide condensates of

(Type) nonionic

(HLB value) of 16 to 17 (theoretical value, for reference)

(Technical Specifications)

Appearance: white flakes

Color Ze: ≤30, Pt-Co

p H value: 5.5 - 7.0 (1% solution)

Cloud point: 91.0 ~ 96.0 ℃ (0.5g leveling agent O was dissolved in 5% NaCl solution)

Lime soap dispersing power: ≥30.0g

Moisture: ≤1.0%

(Properties and Applications)

1, in the printing industry, very versatile, used as direct dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes and cationic dye leveling agent, can also be used as dispersants, stripping agent, the general amount of 0.2 ~ 1g / L, the effect is significant, increase color fastness, bright color uniform. and can remove dirt buildup disperse dyes on fabrics, synthetic detergent ABS-Na improve detergency and reduce the electrostatic effect of the fabric.

2, in metal processing, as detergent, especially easy to remove surface oil, helps to manufacture the next step. Also for solubilizing agent (brightener).

3, in the glass fiber industry, as emulsifier, a system of fine uniform oil emulsion reduces glass breakage rate, eliminate the fluff phenomenon.

4, in general industry, as o / w emulsifier, to move, plant, mineral oil has excellent emulsifying properties, for example, as an emulsion extremely stable synthetic fibers such as polyester spinning oil ingredients; in latex industry and oil drilling as emulsifier; The product of stearic acid, paraffin wax, mineral oil, having a unique emulsifying properties; emulsifier is a polymer emulsion.

5, in agriculture, for soaking penetrant, increase penetration of pesticides and seed germination.

(Packaging and storage)

20kg woven bag.

This product is non-toxic, non-flammable, as a general chemical storage and transportation. Store in a dry place.

Shelf life of two years.