USB Flash Drive SanDisk 3.0

USB Flash Drive SanDisk 3.0

Product description:

USB Flash Drive (Main Spec)

1) Plug-and-play; no external power supply required, USB bus-powered

2) All drives are made with high quality Intel/ Samsung/ Toshiba/ Hynix/ Micron memory

3) Reading speed (USB2.0) : 13-18Mbps (computer configuration dependent)

4) Writing speed (USB2.0) : 3-6 Mbps (computer configuration dependent)

5) Supports multi-partition and password access

6) Supports BIOS booting as USB-ZIP or USB-HDD

7) Operating Current: (104ma

8) Suspend Current: (86ma

9) Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 55oc

10) Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 55oc

11) Operating Relative Humidity: 20% ~ 90%

12) Storage Relative Humidity: 20% ~ 93%

Support OS:

Operating System:

File Transfer

Windows® 7


Windows Vista®


Windows XP


Windows 2000 (SP4)


Mac OS X v. 10.5. x+


Linux v. 2.6. x+



1) Print Customers logo on Usb Flash Drive.

Printing Method: Color Print, Silk Print, Laser, Press etc.

2) Make the Customers design to be Usb Flash Drive.

3) Preload Customizes Data; make the Data cannot be deleted; Password protection your usb flash drive; make the data cannot be copied

4) Do Auto-Play. Such as playing your vedio or open your website while connecting to the Computer.

5) Make Customers Package and Lanyard.