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Notebook shell film 15.6-inch 14 General Matte transparent ASUS Dell Lenovo computer protective film paper

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  • (13.9 yuan 2 pieces) Bright (15.8 yuan 3 pieces of equipment) Bright (9.9 yuan / set) Color: Scrub (15.8 yuan three loaded)
  • Style: Simple

friendly reminder

Notebook shell film recommended one to buy two or more, in case of a bad patch a spare shell film half a year or so recommended replacement! If you want to paste the screen border position, you can also buy a cut film border!

A laptop's life is generally 10 years or so, prolonged use will inevitably cause irreparable damage to the computer case.One shell film, you can make your love this injury-free.In our foil film experience, many children's shoes are Is the computer to use less than a year, the shell became a big face, to this extent can be said to be repentant ah. Other just spend a little money, you can protect the computer properly, why not do it.

The notebook is still the general case foil

Product Name: Notebook shell film

Single size: 420 * 297mm

Suitable for notebooks of this size or smaller There is no pattern, with a certain scratch effect, can effectively protect your notebook shell is not scratched.