Mall genuine Tiger underground metal detector treasure-hunting instrument iron detector probe the deepest 2.5 m TS1135

Mall genuine Tiger underground metal detector treasure-hunting instrument iron detector probe the deepest 2.5 m TS1135

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tiger
  • Model: TS1135

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Tiger TS1135 underground metal detectors new digital grand launch!

Message users: If you superstitious spend hundreds of dollars you can buy probe deep underground metal detectors, we can not do if you want to buy a sense, the regular factory brand to explore, then choose tiger it must bring you at ease, value for money experience.

Tiger underground metal detector underground metal detector is the strength of the brand is one of the Eastern Technology Group's products. Tiger underground metal detector technology both reliability performance of the product, process or product, durability, longevity, etc. and so on, it is a very trusted brand, the current domestic market share among the best, so often subjected to counterfeiting, to remind the buyer in the purchase of underground metal detector to look for tiger registered trademark and security signs. Tiger TS1135 underground metal detectors in addition to depths up to 2.5 m on the basis of TS130, the other made three improvements:

1, solve the balance 'visualization' balance is a difficult adjustment parameters of underground metal, can very clearly know your balance parameters in the place after visualization.

2, through internal computer chip control, you can set your own two frequencies, you can avoid outside interference or signal Together the two machines simultaneously, which is unique.

3, a new generation of hollow exploration site, with a light weight, high power, strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics under certain conditions, waterproof, more practical and easy to use.

The main technical parameters

Maximum depth: 2.5 m (due to the Earth's magnetic field around is not the same, in addition to soil moisture and hardness are not the same and therefore the detection data by manufacturers factory test standard, factory test standard is the national standard for a 60CM * 60CM * 1CM after follow. Found steel formed than those who lacked actual bragging and flicker, you can carefully compare the judgment)

Operation: balance / Recognition

Signal Frequency: 7200Hz ± 50Hz

Power: 1.5V AA batteries 6

Power: 0 .6 W

Configuration: host, a disk into a + + + a backpack probe 2 + manual + a brochure an a + certificate

Please note that the product for packaging, and not before backpack shoulder bag, shoulder bag too small to fit the detector, so now is the backpack unified view of such a long, portable, can be back, more convenient.