Taobao genuine Tiger underground metal detectors detectors probe iron Po instrument deepest 2.5 m TS1135

Taobao genuine Tiger underground metal detectors detectors probe iron Po instrument deepest 2.5 m TS1135

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tiger
  • Model: TS1135

Day cat business, to ensure genuine

Tiger brand new digital underground metal detector TS1135 grand launch!

If you want to buy a sense of the brand of the factory, then choose the right Tiger card, be sure to bring you peace of mind, value for money experience.

Tiger underground metal detector is the strength of the underground metal detectors brand. Oriental Technology Group is also one of the products. Tiger brand underground metal detectors, whether it is the product's technical performance, process or product reliability, durability, life, etc. Etc., are very trustworthy brand, the current domestic market share among the best.Therefore, often counterfeit, to remind buyers to buy underground metal detectors when looking for tiger registered trademark and security signs. Tiger underground metal detector TS1135 in addition to TS130 based on the detection depth increased to 2.5 meters, the other made three improvements:

1, to solve the balance of 'visualization' to balance the underground metal is the most difficult to adjust a parameter, visualization can be very clear after you know where the ground balance parameters.

2, through the internal computer chip control, you can set their own two frequencies, you can avoid interference with the external signal or two machines at the same time use, this is unique.

3, using a new generation of hollow exploration plate, with a light weight, power, anti-interference ability and certain conditions, waterproof, etc., more practical and easy to use.

The main technical parameters

The maximum depth of detection: 2.5 m (due to the different geomagnetic field, the other soil moisture and hardness are not the same, so the detection data is factory tested by factory standards, factory test standard is in accordance with the national standard for a 60CM * 60CM * 1CM Than those who do not lack the actual bragging and Huyou, we can carefully compare judgments)

Operation: ground balance / identification

Signal frequency: 7200Hz ± 50Hz

Power: 1.5V AA batteries 6

Power consumption: 0.6W

Configuration: the host of a + + a backpack probe a probe rod 2 + + a brochure + manual + a certificate of a

Please note that the product for packaging, the backpack is not before the shoulder bag, the shoulder bag is too small, can not fit the detector, so now backpack uniform is on the map of this long, portable, can be back, more convenient.