Hydrodynamic fan, 2010 CIIF green technology to lead the future

Hydrodynamic fan, 2010 CIIF green technology to lead the future

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Latest Free electric cooling tower turbine energy-saving technology

The top 100% cooling tower energy-saving products on the China International Industry Fair 2010

I. Introduction: Low-carbon energy-saving and environmental protection is our national policy, is an international trend. Exhibited on our patented products 2010 China International Industry Bo, two electric hydraulic drive turbine impeller Free '. This marks the original cooling tower energy saving technology, with breakthrough technological innovation, energy-saving technology in the cooling tower, to really take advantage of the cooling tower pump outlet surplus kinetic and potential energy, promoting gas turbine driven fan rotation to achieve water heat exchange, open innovation to solve all the technical saving on cooling tower problems, so as to achieve the best cooling effect. revolutionized the limitations of energy-saving cooling tower currently has a substantive breakthrough in the revolution.

This product is used for the transformation of energy-efficient cooling towers and the main supporting energy-saving technological transformation to adapt to the cooling tower for: metallurgy, iron and steel, chemicals, textiles, power, pharmaceutical, hotels and office buildings, and other industries cooling tower energy saving, electricity saving rate reaches 100% of the original energy-saving effect.

Two, BACKGROUND: For now there are three turbine ShangXi fatal flaws:

1. Slow speed: Since the flow rate of cooling water circulating in the pipe system is generally 1.5m / s or so (measured typically between 1m / s ~ 2m / s) and the power turbine impeller diameter minimum diameter of 30-40 cm, to be pushed through the circulating water within the power turbine impeller speed can only reach 100 r / min or less, so far the market on the turbine inlet, through adjustable (usually adjustable in Raw water pipeline to a smaller diameter 5 % Or less caliber ) To increase the flow rate adjustable mouth to increase revs, and therefore Produce circulating water resistance , The loss of much of the surplus kinetic energy and potential energy , Even if the growth rate is difficult to achieve through adjustable 200 revolutions / min or more, less than ideal air-water heat exchange effect

2. Reduce the total circulating water flow and reduce cooling efficiency: Reducing the use of post-growth. Reducing mouth too small. Increase circulating water resistance (Usually adjustable in the original inlet pipe diameter as small as 5% or less diameter) A direct result of significant reduction in the amount of cooling water , Even if we can reach the number of revolutions of the cooling tower before transformation of the original low exhaust cooling tower, it will not change because of adjustable, and reduce cooling efficiency. (Example original 1000 t / h circulating amount of cooling water, which becomes due after adjustable 500 t / h circulating amount of cooling water) will increase pump adjustable load, reducing pump life (equipment suppliers will not explain fatal flaws of their products.) So a lot of companies to invest in the transformation of the cooling tower, the cooling effect is not as good as the transformation Previously, thus affecting the life of the cooling tower

3. Mechanical vibration and noise: Free cooling tower water current drive electric turbines on the market basically, a single import water-driven turbine, generally fatal problem is that after a single port turbine cooling tower installation, will have a lot of mechanical vibration, because Single inlet shock and vibration , Lack of balance. It will produce mechanical vibration to cause some damage to the cooling tower Long-term use, will reduce the service life of the cooling tower, mechanical vibrations It will produce sound pollution hazards to human health and the environment.

Looking at the above three points: the transformation of the existing cooling tower few success stories in particular 300 t / h around the cooling tower reconstruction project (300 t / h around the cooling tower fan speed design requirements are 200 revolutions / min.. transfer between -300 / min) high speed fan cooling tower is fundamentally unable to energy-saving, and low-speed fan cooling tower (150 revolutions / min or so) has its flaws invisible 'circulating water to reduce' it is difficult to achieve the desired results The reason, adjustable opening a direct impact resistance to reduce the circulation of cooling water, and the standard of surplus Yang Cheng can not achieve the desired head pressure. (single-entry turbine can be judged from the appearance, the largest single mouth water, the impeller at the smaller diameter )

Third, the technical program: The utility model solves its problems these three technologies.

1. do not need to enter the turbine inlet be adjustable, so take advantage of the power of the pump surplus Yang Cheng made the turbine, rather than due to increased circulation Reducing water resistance, and thus the loss of much of the surplus kinetic energy and potential energy.

2. Not through adjustable, to ensure that the entire cooling water circulating water cooling system design with dual water balance, at the same time to ensure the circulating water flow reached no vibration, no noise design more reasonable than a single turbine inlet, run more smoothly.

3. The use of the existing system of circulating water surplus kinetic energy and potential energy driven turbine, plus adjustable turbine due to the loss of much of the surplus kinetic and potential energy, totally can reach 200-300 turn / min. Replace the motor, make full use of the surplus kinetic energy and potential energy, energy without loss.

Fourth, the utility model has the beneficial effect that:

1. Alternative: Double turbine impeller Free electric hydraulic drives, used to replace the original fan motor, so as to achieve 100% energy saving effect.

2. Easy maintenance: Because the motor mechanical vibration during operation of the motor itself will cause some damage, remove the motor cooling tower, to prevent the leakage, oil spills, motor, electric control, burned and damaged gear and other faults. Such an action would reduce daily maintenance management and maintenance costs.

3. Versatility: Applicable to energy-saving cooling tower metallurgy, iron and steel, chemicals, textiles, power, pharmaceutical, hotels and office buildings, and other industries. Double turbine impeller Free electric hydraulic drive can also be any condition of the old and new cooling tower transformation, tower the greater the economic benefits greater.

4. Reduce noise: Removal of the fan motor, eliminating the operation of the motor and the mechanical transmission noise, the turbine meter double water balance. To achieve no vibration, no noise, more reasonable than the single inlet. Run more smoothly. Avoid noise pollution on human health hazards

5. only: My company's latest patented product technology completely changed the structure of the current drive electric water-driven turbines for Free on the market, no longer need to use later increased by adjustable speed, ensure that the original energy-saving cooling tower water flow.

6. Safe and reliable: Twin impeller Free electric hydraulic drives turbines can operate safely for an explosion under any circumstances.