HOT-Liquid oxygen bleach- Welson OXY

HOT-Liquid oxygen bleach- Welson OXY

Product description:

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Type: Detergent Detergent Type: Bleach Detergent Use: Apparel
Shape: Liquid Feature: Eco-Friendly Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WELSON Model Number: OCDL18 Color: colorless
OEM: OEM is welcome Sample:
500ml or 1kg liquid industrial bleach is available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Liquid Industrial Bleach package: 20Lt drum or 60Lt Drum with a breather cap/
Delivery Detail: Within one week after receiving your advanced payment


1. liquid industrial bleach
2. effective at removing mildew when used as a soaking additive.
3. used for colored clothes

Physical state: Liquid

Colour: Colourless

Odour: Pungent

pH: 5.5~ 8.0

Boiling / condensation point: ) 100 degree

Melting/ freezing point: Not available

Specific gravity: 1.00~1.10

Dispersibility properties: Easily dispersed in cold water, hot water.

Solubility: Easily soluble in cold water and hot water.

Liquid industrial oxygen bleach- Welson OXY

Welson Oxy is a concentrated laundry destainer specially formulated for use in commercial, healthcare and on premise laundries. The product can be used for all types of fabric (except nylon) and should be applied in the main wash at temperatures between 70 to 90 ºC.

Welson Oxy is a well-estabilised and effective high temperature bleach system based on hydrogen

peroxide. When used according to instructions, Welson Oxy will not any cause fabric damage and

color fading.

Bloodstains will set when in contact with peroxide and will be hard to remove, therefore it is strongly advised to avoid any contact with peroxide bleach during the initial phase of the wash.


- Can be used when colored fabrics and whites are washed together

- Safe to use for washing of hospital laundry

- Suitable for shorter wash cycles whereby sudsing and bleaching steps are combined

- Convenient and safe

PACKAGE: 20LT Drum with breather cap.