Beer bottle detergent--Welson SBP

Beer bottle detergent--Welson SBP

Product description:

Quick Details

Type: Detergent Detergent Type: Cleaner Detergent Use: beer factory
Shape: Powder Feature: Eco-Friendly Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Welson Model Number: OCDF05 Form: Liquid

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Beer bottle detergent package: 20kg pail
Delivery Detail: 5 days after your deposit


1, beer bottle detergent.
2, easily dissolve in water
3, high quality.
4, ISO9000


WELSON SBP is a mildly alkaline bottle washing additive containing surfactants, complexing and sequestering agents as well as antifoaming agents for soiled bottles. It removes mould and larvae and certain mineral deposits from bottles.

The amount of Welson SBP to be added to the sodium hydroxide varies according to the water hardness. As a guide, every 1000 litres of water add 2 to 5 kg of Welson SBP together with 10 -30 kg sodium hydroxide flake or 15 go 40 litres of liquid caustic 50%. For a scale coated bottle washer. it is

recommended to descale bottlewashing prior to charging with Welson SBP. If descaling is not done.Welson SBP

will remove scale which may present in the bottlewasher causing clogging of the spray nozzles.

Control of cleaning solution:

1 gr active carbon is added to approximate 200 ml of the cleaning solution. The solution is heated up to 20 -80 degree C and filtrated.

Determination of caustic solution:

a. Take 25ml of the filtrate

b. Titrate with 2 N acetic acid against phenolphthalein indicator, the colour will change from pink to colourless

c. % Naoh = ml of acetic acid used x 0.32

Determination of Welson SBP

a. Take 25 ml of the filtrate

b. Add amount of 2 N acetic asid used on the determination of caustic soda plus an excess of 3 ml

c. Add small amount of indicator 1

d. Titrate with reagent 2, the colour will change from yellow to slightly red

e. % of Welson SBP = ml of reagent 2 used x 0.032


Welson SBP in 20kg pail.