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Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic

Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic
  • Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic
  • Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic
  • Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic
  • Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic
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Paliurus extract - Hypoglycemic

Main ingredients: flavonoids, polysaccharides, glycosides

Specifications: 10: 1 to 20: 1 10%

Source extraction green willow money
Appearance brown powder

Detection TLC

CAS: 574-12-9
Content of 10: 1 to 20: 1 10%

Application forms as tablets, granules, capsules
Clinical application of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shelf Life 24 (months)

Species: paliurus;

Alias: cash cow, maliu;

Family: Juglandaceae;

Genus: paliurus genus;

Name: Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal.) Iljinskaja;

English name: Cyclocarya paliurus

chemical composition

Paliurus recent years a large number of chemical composition analysis, the study found, paliurus ingredients contained mainly divided into two: one is inorganic nutrients, one is organic nutrients, which shoots the active ingredient content 8 to 15 times that of other parts.

Inorganic nutrients

Green tea Liu Qian inorganic component contains not only essential potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other essential constant dollar index, also contains manganese, iron, copper, chromium, zinc, selenium, vanadium, germanium and other trace elements, and sugar metabolism and insulin action closely related elements Ni, the content of Cr, V, Se is high, where Ni, Cr, V content of about 10 times that of traditional tea. Modern nutrition studies have confirmed that potassium secretion of insulin, creatine phosphorylation, carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis necessary for high blood sugar, high cholesterol and hypertension is extremely important, is one of the organic components of chromium glucose tolerance factor, insulin can help play a role in lowering blood sugar, and can improve tolerance.

Organic nutrients

Paliurus flavonoids: can effectively remove the body of oxygen free radicals, improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol, expansion of coronary vessels, prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Paliurus glycosides: This is a natural sweetener, and non-calorific value saponins, can meet the needs of patients for high blood sugar sweetness, not worse, but also has very in hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive aspects good effect.

Paliurus polysaccharides: a good hypoglycemic effect, can effectively increase the amount of glucose tolerance in patients with high blood sugar.