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Angle Chi 675 tile press

Angle Chi 675 tile press
  • Angle Chi 675 tile press
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Angle Chi 675 is an ordinary roof tile press machine replacement products, can completely replace ordinary roof molding machine. The angle Chi roof tile press production and the hidden roof and roof compared with the more common excellent anti- leakage performance. the machine can tile press and other equipment for continuous production, can also be made with the bagging machine without beam vaulted roof, the product both solemn and elegant, and beautiful novel, and the appearance of smooth, corrugated uniform , high utilization, high strength .
Pressure plate model 92-337.5-675 use
Effective covering width (mm) 675
Expand Width (mm) 1000 Concealed roof
Thickness (mm) 0.4-0.8
Sectional moment of inertia (cm4 / m)
67.23 89.64 112.04
Sectional resist from (cm3 / m)
22.17 29.57 36.94