Non-woven drilling machine

Non-woven drilling machine

Product description:

Non-woven through the machinery and equipment to fight the tapered through-hole, hole dimension, after processing the nonwoven fabric greatly improved feel and touch. Have a very comfortable feeling skin-friendly, fluffy, soft and dry, to overcome the skin stimulation, the blood and the one-way speed of liquid such as water seepage is not anti solution to achieve real instantaneous suction capabilities, excellent air permeability effect women's sanitary napkins, pads, baby diapers, medical materials and other disposable hygiene products quality fabrics. Xiang Fei machinery to provide high standards and high quality drilling machinery and equipment for users of different punched nonwoven material needs.
Structure: steam rose axis tension unwinding device. Uneven heating punch die rolls Devices, output devices, automatic winding high production efficiency, simple operation, easy adjustment machine, electricity, gas integration.
The main technical parameters:
1: Power 380v
2: Production line speed: ≥40m / min
3: Power: 12.7 kilowatts [3.7kwbianpindiaosu, 9kwjiarehengwen]
4: Specifications: Series
5: Dimensions 3.5x1.5x1.7m [zhang (strong) x (/ strong) kuan (strong) x (/ strong) gao]

6: The weight of two tons

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