ABS water grate

ABS water grate

Product description:

ABS plastic (aluminum ) Drainage grates are widely used in a variety of gutter drain cover use, such as swimming pool, cafeteria drains, greening projects, food plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc., common specifications 180,200,250,300,350 400 ( refer gutter width ). length optionally, colors, usually pale pink ( Natural), larger size can be customized according to user needs .

Aluminum water grate has a stronger load-bearing capacity, more upscale decorative effect and is used by high-end renovation patent non-slip design aluminum water grates on an effective solution to the problem is not slippery metal grates of the water so that the water grate the load-bearing and non-slip organic combine to create a perfect water grates new varieties.

Ditch cover plate (Grille), always used on The ditch which around the Swimming pool, etc. made by PVC / ABS / Aluminum alloy ....

it has Skid design, Ageing resistance, Attractive and durable, and Has very good decoration effect.