Copper ground clean mouth

Copper ground clean mouth

Product description:

In construction projects, clean mouth is a very common form of pipe fittings, security material into plastic, copper, iron, aluminum clean mouth is the latest a clean mouth. Stainless steel clean mouth in medicine, food and other projects the project also has applications, but because of its expensive and rarely used.

When you need a large area of ​​ground drainage design, the metal clean mouth indispensable, since copper prices higher and higher, aluminum clean mouth even more is to promote the use, as with other materials, common specifications 5075110150 several species. when you need other shapes and size, according to user requirements now open mold processing.
Wipe out (clearn out, Floor drain) used in the floor which is Large area to flushing, or to check the pipe under the floor.

it made by PVC or Cu or CL OR STAINLESS STEEL