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Belgium import export to China | international express logistics services

Belgium import export to China | international express logistics services
  • Belgium import export to China | international express logistics services
  • Belgium import export to China | international express logistics services
  • Belgium import export to China | international express logistics services
  • Belgium import export to China | international express logistics services
Product code: 22698900001
Unit price: 1-2 CNY
Reference price: 0.15-0.3 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: 2000KG
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Jia Hua Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: Acting international express, global air logistics services imported to Hong Kong

Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, milk, wine, cosmetics, electronic products, metal products, machinery, automobile spare parts and other air cargo import tax package to Hong Kong, China.

Foreign free home delivery, price, one-stop service.

The company was established in early 2012, is approved by Shenzhen Industrial and Commercial sector registered global express delivery business professional courier logistics services company, with agents and international express delivery business qualification.

Since its inception, with the increasing shipments, with international logistics companies to gradually establish a good relationship of cooperation, has absolute price advantage.

We uphold the 'to speed development, to manage to survive' to serve the purpose, according to the different needs of customers, for customers to tailor the most affordable, most efficient, most secure transportation channel. Take this with customers to establish long-term stable cooperation relationship.

In addition, I follow-class service operating system, through the erection of a modern transport platform and the computer information network platform, not only meet the various requirements of the delivery service at any time to the Plus customers, but also to work with customers to design programs logistics services, express mail collection , transportation, distribution, warehousing, query, and many segments of the global scope of the whole process of timely monitoring, ready to provide cargo tracking information feedback, so that your goods get full control. As the market is constantly changing, we will continue to innovate to meet customer demand, the company relies on its own network on the basis of excellence, to 'deliver value creation.'

We have a good quality, competent and efficient professional courier logistics team, the spirit of 'people-oriented, service-oriented, you asked me to deliver, dedicated wishful "business philosophy, follow the' to speed development, to manage to survive 'a principle of service Vanda are among the outstanding international express logistics and express service provider listed at home and abroad. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we look forward to work together with you to achieve win-win situation. Our normal operation milk cereal cosmetics health products wine bags imported dried fruits (nuts, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, dried fruit, candy, etc.), canned food, olive oil, chili oil, red wine, leather, cloth, film, plastic granules, machinery, electronic products (mobile phone screen, phone computer motherboards, circuit boards, memory, etc.) and all kinds of general cargo; now import all kinds of green food, aging fast, the absolute price advantage.

Customs clearance of goods imported multi-channel, multi-clearance mode, time is fast safe and reasonable cost. Hua Jia Jia Hua Trading Co., Ltd has many years of logistics express import, import tax package business experience in practical operation, the operator proficient in customs regulations to help you choose the right legal import channels.

Reasonable for you to remove clearance documents and tariffs required to import goods. Professional help customers deal with difficult goods import clearance, rapid and large to help you deal with imported goods. Treatable others business can not handle it! Formal registration of the company, signed import agency contract, safe and secure! prices kilograms, greatly reducing the cost of imports

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