Tape Speaker | tape style stereo | speakers factory

Tape Speaker | tape style stereo | speakers factory

Product description:

Rated voltage : 5 (V) Cabinet Material : Plastic Distortion rate: 89 (% )
Speaker Category : AV speaker Audio categories : Speaker SNR : 85 (db)
Rated power : 1 (W) Speaker structure : Other Impedance : 8 (Ω)
Speaker Interface : AES / EBU input Brand : Tarsier

Tape Speaker

1. Large -capacity lithium battery, long play; (Large capacity lithium battery, use a long time playback.)

2. Dual speakers, large volume; (double trumpet, big volume)

3. Charging play correct, resolve to play a long time because no electricity drawbacks ;. (. Charge Playback correct, address the long play time without the drawbacks of power)

The classic appearance, the recollection of the 1970s musical taste sensation. (Classic appearance, taste the music memorable feeling of the 70s.)

( .mp3 Support devices such as mobile phones. Supported computer playback and charging function )