Supply (Wirth) 3051 Pressure Transmitters

Supply (Wirth) 3051 Pressure Transmitters

Product description:

First, the working principle

In operation, the high and low pressure side of the diaphragm and fill fluid pressure is transmitted to the process of fill fluid, then fill fluid pressure is transmitted to the center of the sensor sensing diaphragm. Sensing diaphragm is a tension an elastic member, the displacement varies with the pressure (gauge pressure transmitter for GP, as the atmospheric pressure is applied to the low pressure side of the sensing diaphragm like) .AP absolute pressure transmitter, a reference low pressure side pressure is always maintained. Sensing The maximum displacement amount of the diaphragm is 0.004 inches (0.1 mm), and the displacement amount proportional to the pressure on both sides of the capacitor plate position detection sensor diaphragm. The difference between the capacitance sensing diaphragm and capacitor plates It is converted to the corresponding current, voltage, or digital HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter data highway) output signal.

Second, characteristics

Complete Transmitter Series
Measuring range: 0-0.5inH 2 O to 6000psig
Compact, rugged, shock

The modular structure
Adjustable damping
A variety of options, so application flexibility
Smart, analog or low-power circuit
Electrical connection and installation: with a variety of process connections and mounting flange.

Third, the 3051 and classification

Model 3051C, gauge and absolute pressure transmitters

Performance: the accuracy of 0.075% turndown ratio of 100: 1

Pressure: calibration range from 0.5inH 2 O to 2000psi

Gauge: calibration range from 2.5inH 2 O to 2000psi

Absolute pressure: calibration range from 0.167psia to 4000psia

Process Diaphragm: stainless steel, Hastelloy C R Monel R , Tantalum (CD only, CG) and gold-plated Monel

Compact design, rugged and light weight, easy to install

3051T-type gauge pressure and absolute transmitters

Performance: the accuracy of 0.075%

Absolute pressure: calibration range from 0.3 to 10000psi

Gauge: calibration range from 0.3 to 10000psi

Stainless steel and Hastelloy C R Process isolating diaphragms

Single diaphragm design

Fill Fluid: silicone oil with an inert oil

Optional DIN and Autoclave mating process connection

3051L Level Transmitter

Level measurement accuracy of 0.075%

Calibration range from 2.5inH 2 O to 8310inH2O

Planar, 2-, 4-, and 6 inches projecting diaphragm

A variety of optional fill fluid, which can meet the requirements of different occasions

Compact and lightweight, easy to install and maintain

Wetted materials: stainless steel, Hastelloy and tantalum

Model 3051H High Process Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Measurable process temperatures up to 375 ° F (191 ° C), and without the use of remote diaphragm seals or capillary

0.075% accuracy, turndown ratio of 100: 1

Under high temperature applications, temperature effects and reduce response time

Sensing film head and the same board with the Model 3051C

3051P type reference level pressure transmitter

Accuracy of 0.05% - the highest accuracy pressure transmitter

Ideal for custody transfer, fiscal calculation and allocation measurement

Unparalleled performance, no need to reserve a variety of transmitter

Reduce temperature, without a separate jacket

It can be used for differential and gauge pressure measurement

Low Power Model 3051C Pressure Transmitter

The world's only intelligent low-power pressure transmitter

High performance, accuracy 0.075%

Differential, gauge and absolute pressure type

Model 3051C has all the features, including a real digital meter

DC supply from 6 to 12V at work

Power consumption 18 to 36mW, and typical power consumption of 200mW or more 4-20mA Transmitter

0.8-3.2V with 1-5V output optional

Sensing film head and standard (4-20mA) 3051C same type

Fourth, the 3051 technical indicators are as follows

Name Type

Measuring range

Turndown ratio


Model 3051C

3051CD Differential Pressure Transmitter

0-0.5inH 2 O to 2000Psi

100: 1


Gauge pressure transmitter 3051CG

0-2.5inH 2 O to 2000Psi

100: 1


3051CA Absolute Pressure Transmitters

0-0.167Psia to 2000Psi

100: 1


Model 3051T

Absolute pressure transmitter 3051TA


100: 1


Gauge pressure transmitter 3051TG


100: 1


3051L type

3051L Level Transmitter

2.5inH 2 O-8310H2O

100: 1


Model 3051H high temperature pressure transmitter process (process temperature 191 ℃)

Differential pressure transmitter 3051HD

0-0.62kPa to 13800kPa

100: 1


Gauge pressure transmitter 3051HG

0-0.62kPa to 13800kPa

100: 1


3051P pressure transmitter type reference level (0.05% accuracy)

Differential pressure transmitter 3051PD

0-0.62kPa to 248kPa

10: 1


Gauge pressure transmitter 3051PG

0-0.62kPa to 13800kPa

10: 1


Low Power Model 3051C pressure transmitter 6-12V DC power supply, power 18-36mW, 4-20mA output, power consumption is 200mW or more. 0.8-3.2V with 1-5V output options.