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Supply (Wirth) YGGB flat cable

Supply (Wirth) YGGB flat cable
  • Supply (Wirth) YGGB flat cable
Product code: 22662700001
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Product characteristics and uses of this product have cold, soft, wearable, anti-oil characteristics, suitable for AC rated voltage 0.6 / 1KV and below with a cold, anti-oil with the special requirements of mobile electrical connection cable, this product has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries driving the dedicated cable crane special cable, silicone rubber flat cable, mobile flat cables, fire-retardant flat cable YVFB, YVFGB, YFGB, KFGB, JFGB, YGGB, YGCB, YFVFB, KVFB, KVFGB, YVFRB, YVFGRB, YFGRB, KFGRB, JFGRB, YGGRB, YGCRB, YFVFRB, KVFRB, KVFGRB, YVFPB, YVFGPB, YFGPB, KFGPB, JFGPB, YGGPB, YGCPB, YFVFPB, KVFPB, KVFGPB, YFFB, YFFRPB, YVFRPB, YVFGRPB, YFGRPB, KFGRPB, JFGRPB, YGGRPB, YGCRPB, YFVFRPB, KVFRPB, KVFGRB, YF46GB, KF46GB, JF46GB, YF46GRB, KF46GRB, JF46GRB, ZR-YVFB, ZR-YVFGB, ZR-YFGB, ZR-KFGB, ZR-JFGB, ZR- YGGB, ZR-YGCB, ZR-YFVFB, ZR-KVFB, ZR-KVFGB, ZR-YVFRB, ZR-YVFGRB, ZR-YFGRB, ZR-KFGRB, ZR-JFGRB, ZR-YGGRB, ZR-YGCRB, ZR-YFVFRB, ZR-KVFRB, ZR-KVFGRB, ZR-YVFPB, ZR-YVFGPB, ZR-YFGPB, ZR-KFGPB, ZR-JFGPB, ZR-YGGPB, ZR-YGCPB, ZR-YFVFPB, ZR-KVFPB, ZR-KVFGPB, ZR- YFFB, ZR-YFFRPB, ZR-YVFRPB, ZR-YVFGRPB, ZR-YFGRPB, ZR-KFGRPB, ZR-JFGRPB, ZR-YGGRPB, ZR-YGCRPB, ZR-YFVFRPB, ZR-KVFRPB, ZR-KVFGRB, ZR-YF46GB, ZR-KF46GB, ZR-JF46GB, ZR-YF46GRB, ZR-KF46GRB, ZR-JF46GRB and other flat cable voltage 300 / 500V, 300 / 300V, 450 / 750V, 0.6 / 1KV Note: flame retardant products in the model plus 'XX-', with fire-retardant 'ZR, ZA, ZB, ZC, ZRA, ZRB, ZRC, ZBN, ZCN, ZAN, ZN, ZRN', LSF resistance smoke 'ZL, ZD,, Diyanwulu flame 'ZW, ZDW, ZLW, ZWD, ZRD, ZRW', expressed armored products in the lower corner of the product's model plus '-XX', with steel armored '2229', fine steel wire armored '32132' means . plus 'ia, I, ZRI, IZ' is intrinsically safe, plus 'NH' is fire-resistant, plus (T, D) is a twisted form of shield: P copper mesh shielding, P1 tinned shield, P2 foil shielding, P3 foil shield, PL foil shield, P22 shielding tape armored, P2 / 22 foil shield with armored