Supply (Wirth) SYV, SFF, SFB- heating cable

Supply (Wirth) SYV, SFF, SFB- heating cable

Product description:

1, the working principle:

Power bus for the two parallel insulated copper wire, the electric wire wound around the intermediate insulating layer, and the electric wire at a certain distance (the 'fever section length') is connected to the bus, to form a continuous parallel resistance. Bus is powered, the parallel resistance heating, thereby forming a continuous heating belt.

2, product specifications and main technical indicators:

Normal insulation resistance: ≥50mΩhm

Dielectric strength: -2500V 50HZ / min

Insulation Material: F46

Band maximum temperature: 205 ℃

Explosion-proof mark: eдT3

Proof certificate No: 289202

Delivery length: up to 200m, 20m electric short

3. Explosion Description:

The single-phase constant power heating cable by GB3836.1-83 and GB3836-83 namely electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres 'General requirements' and 'e increased safety requirements for the design and manufacture of electrical equipment. Explosion levels' eдT 3 Product has not extended flammable, and through the closed heater required tests, and increased safety after electrical accessories matching for the direct impact of the plant without outside a district, T explosive gas mixture II Group places. The product Explosion-proof mechanism through national statutory inspection, Certificate of Conformity: 289202

RDP 2 -J4 High-temperature constant power heating cable

RDP 2 -J4 High-temperature constant power band, its working principle and product structure and RDP 2-J3 The same type of constant power band, except that the insulation material used is resistant to high water and high temperature resistant glass fiber in the PFA F46 fluorine plastic, and therefore it can be used in temperatures up to 260 Place ℃ by heat insulation, in order to maintain a certain stretch quality turbidity, it is particularly suitable for asphalt, heavy viscous oil pipeline heat tracing, which maintain fluid temperatures up to 180 ℃ -250 ℃, the product can be used for non-critical situations and a factory District, Second District explosive gas T 3 Group sites.

1, Model meaning: power is 40W per meter enhanced single-phase high-temperature heating cable

2, product specifications and main technical indicators: maximum temperature 260 ℃ band

RDP 3-J3 Three-phase constant power heating cable

The principle of a three-phase and single-phase constant power tropical constant power heating cable is basically the same, with the addition of different single-phase single-phase power supply, three-phase power supply with three-phase delta use. In addition to single-phase three-phase with the characteristics of the outer band , especially for long-distance, large-diameter pipe heat tracing and insulation.

1. How it works:

Three parallel insulated copper wire for the power bus, the inner jacket insulation layer wound electric wire, and the electric wire at a certain distance (the 'fever section length') are sequentially and power bus AB-BC-CA-AB ...... repeated cycles connected in three phases each form continuous parallel resistance thrown when the line is passed through the mother after the three-phase power, while the parallel resistance heating, thereby forming a continuous three-phase electrical heating tape.

2, product specifications and main technical indicators:

Normal insulation resistance ≥50mΩ / per one hundred meters

Insulation Material: F46 band maximum temperature: 250 ℃

Delivery Length: Maximum: 500M Minimum: 50M

Dielectric Strength: -2500V 50HZ / min

Explosion-proof mark: e ⅡT 3 Certificate of Conformity: 289202

DXW / PZ / J-type self-regulating heating cable

Self-regulating heating cable

Model meaning:

Example: DXW-PZ / J said: insulation material is a composite of PTC, rated working voltage of 220V, 20 ℃ when the output power per meter self-limiting heating cable 20W of work.

How it works: Two copper wire for the power bus, the bus around the extruded layer of positive temperature coefficient characteristics of self-limiting heating of the core material, when the power is turned on, the power transversely through the core material to form a continuous parallel heating body. The band heater material using special technology processing temperature by conducting molecular memory. When the current through the network of conductive elements, heat is generated in the cold state, the current easy by generating a lot of heat. As the temperature increases, the matrix expansion, the conductive molecule reduced network density, cutting off most of the path, the current reduction in the amount of heat reduced, thus, achieve the purpose of automatic control of temperature, the heating substantially exceed in thermal equilibrium. When the temperature drops, the temperature memory electrically conductive molecules shrink again As a result, the original cut recovery circuit is turned on, the current increases again, the heat output to increase this feature called a: Temperature self-regulating characteristics ', self-regulating heating cable' name resulting.