Supply (Wirth) WRNM wear resistance leakage thermocouple heat resistance

Supply (Wirth) WRNM wear resistance leakage thermocouple heat resistance

Product description:

1, the application
in Thermocouple Internal use stuck thermocouple wire, completely prevent spills or leaks. Suitable for production sites there is a high Wear Solid particles or fluids, is indispensable refinery temperature measuring device.

2, the main technical parameters
Electrical outlet: M20X1.5NPT1 / 2
Wear Head Hardness: HRC62-65
Protection: IP65
Explosion-proof grade: d‖BT4, d‖T5
Nominal pressure: 2.5MPa

Models and Specifications
Model No indexing measurement range thermal response time protection tube material specifications LX1



K 0-800 (180S 1Cr18Ni9Ti











E 0-600



K 0-800



E 0-600

product name: Wear thermal resistance product manual:

Wear thermal resistance And wear Thermocouples are the same as set Circulating fluidized boiler, boiling boilers, flour mill and cement series gas furnace kiln, kiln, furnace hoods and chemical, metallurgy and other high temperature resistant environment ideal high-tech class-specific products. wear resistance heat absorbing, using a unique formula, making the gaffe balance out the product ordinary wear-resistant alloy stainless steel metal, metal ceramic protective tube, compared with the previous market similar wear-resistant alloy protection tube its service life 1-5 times the difference between the ambient temperature, temperature control point is too high, vibration greater blower wind speed is too high, badly worn, causing the temperature measurement is very difficult, life is very short, the general wear-resistant alloy only 10-90 days to grind through damage, burning bent, broken, causing damage to the thermal resistance, giving users a great loss and unnecessary trouble. wear-resistant type thermocouple up for this shortcoming.
Wearable thermoelectric impedance erosion. Wear thermal resistance through hundreds of manufacturers, ten thousand times a year to use, reacted well, in many occasions with the leading peer-strength, fully comparable with the imported products. Wear thermal resistance with a vibration . wear and corrosion resistance, high sensitivity, good stability, high accuracy, long life and other advantages, is the power plants, cement plants, smelters and other chemical fields preferred temperature measuring wear protective tube.