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Common Rail Test Bench

Common Rail Test Bench
  • Common Rail Test Bench
  • Common Rail Test Bench
  • Common Rail Test Bench
  • Common Rail Test Bench
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CRS-708 high pressure common rail inspection system, the choice of military grade industrial PC Windows operating system.

Rail pressure control circuit BOSCH Group Proportional valve control amplifier made of stable performance.

Injector drive part is completely made in accordance with the principle of ECU injector driver.

Injection metering imported from Germany micro-flow metering unit, repeat the test accuracy can reach 0.2 percent, the working life of up to 100,000 hours, plus or minus a common rail injector adjusting shims oil change and sensitive measure.

The amount of the fuel tank is equipped with cooling device, effectively reducing the injector temperature, improve the life of the traffic unit and the control unit!

Injector indicators parameters are using the original data, the traffic unit in mm3 / H prevail.

Has 'a key' intelligent automatic test function, the test is completed automatically save test data, maintenance personnel can detect while servicing injector side injector, improve work efficiency! To use the system maintenance testing common rail injectors, can true The reaction of the common rail injector on the engine operating conditions, by the original data to debug the injector can precisely meet the standards of maintenance.

Test function:

1, tightness test - the main test injector sealing and static leakage.

2, high pressure cleaning - injector assembly after repairs completed high pressure cleaning.

3, back to the oil test - test injector within a certain period of time / number of times the size of the oil return values.

3, the main spray test - test injector spray a little oil in the main measure size.

4, emissions testing - Testing injector at the discharge point of the oil value size.

5, pre-spray test - test injector spray some oil in the pre-magnitude size.

6, idle test - test injector oil idle point value size.

Application Function

1. Can detect Bosch, Denso, Delphi, and other brands of common rail injector.

2. detectable Bosch CP1, CP2.2, CP3 and Denso HP3 other high-pressure pump.

3. The rail pressure control hardware circuit using BOSCH GroupProportional valve control amplifier is made to ensure the accuracy of the stability control;

The injector drive circuit using BOSCH, sine wave PWM pulse width modulation type of low-power drive circuit to improve the stability of the current waveform to achieve accurate testing requirements.

5. Support high-speed solenoid valve common rail injector, and CRIN-Ⅲ high pressure common rail technology, piezoelectric crystal common rail injector, the maximum can drive six injector (optional);

6. Built-in 600 hundred species common rail injector standard test data

7. The system has a rail pressure low alarm protection.

8. The actual amount of fuel injection and return quantity, the system can automatically assess the injector is qualified, according to test results, print test data report.

9. Supports Internet remote control, the implementation of remote operation assistance (optional)

10. The system has the privilege operating level, to prevent misuse for normal operation, the use of more secure.

11. equipped with a key to restore the system to prevent system data loss due to misuse produce.

Common Rail injector is known to improve the environmental standards for diesel engine exhaust emissions, and CRS-708 is to detect a common rail fuel injection, so each CRS-708 has its sacred environmental responsibility, society must reduce energy row, to achieve excellence.