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PJ-60 Nozzle validator

PJ-60 Nozzle validator
  • PJ-60 Nozzle validator
Product code: 22659400001
Unit price: 450 CNY  (65.37 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 1500KG Red
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First, the detector characteristics and uses
PJ-60-type injector tester which is characterized boost speed, good regulation performance, reasonable structure, flexible operation, easy setup, is used to test and determination of diesel fuel injection injector assembly opening pressure, atomization quality, injection angle and needle valve tightness of the ideal instrument.
Second, the main technical parameters
The maximum test pressure 40Mpa
Dimensions 320 * 300 * 500
(L * W * H)
Net weight 20Kg
Pressure gauge range 0 ~ 60Mpa
Third, the use and adjustment
The detector should be checked before use if fixed firmly, the working environment should be clean, especially the joints detector clamping injector should wipe clean, then add more than 48 hours of precipitation 0 light diesel oil, prohibited the use of substandard diesel.
1, the fuel injector assembly opening pressure test
The links in the middle of the bracket, turn the screw on the bracket, screw on the high pressure tubing, the injector assembly fixed, after Attorney installation tightness, pressing pressure lever progressive pump oil, and watch the pressure gauge, hands shall be the highest value indicates the injector opening pressure, can not be used for fixing the injector bracket, you can unscrew the plug on the right side, fixed injector assembly after the test. If you turn on the pressure beyond a predetermined pressure range, it should adjust injector pressure regulator spring, until it meets the requirement.
2, the injector assembly spray angle. Injector open pressure can be adjusted after the spray angle test, the injector assembly from below at H, put a piece of paper or a piece of buttered iron wire cloth, then pump oil several times until the paper can clearly see a circle or injection iron wire was washed into an empty circle, the measurement port fuel injector assembly to iron cloth (or white) and a circular distance H shaped diameter D, calculated injector spray angle a.
tg a / 2 = 2H
3, spray test:
Push the pressure lever, make Injector, observe injector atomization injector assembly, the spray oil particles should be fine, even without the naked eye can see the oil flow, after completion of the injector spray droplets no legacy or drip phenomenon.
Fourth, maintenance
1, the test oil, must be 48 hours after heavy 0 light diesel oil or test oil, applied silk filter when refueling.
2, should be wiped clean, before use after use should be supervised on guard.
3, when the rotation of the screw fixed injector assembly, screw do not force too much, so as not to burn the wire.
4, should be regularly (six months) test calibration gauge.
5, when no fuel, can not press the pressure bars to avoid damage to the plunger.