Pump nozzle test bench

Pump nozzle test bench

Product description:

EUP test device consists of a cam box assembly, controller, and for specific types of EUP supplementary
Annexes camshaft box is driven by a standard pump test bench, test EUP and matching accessories together with
Mounted camshaft drive signal box. The controller generates synchronization of electronic unit pump high-pressure pipe connection is
Measuring unit pump and injector through to the actual operating conditions of a given amount of fuel injection pump is good or bad judgment monomer .
EUP / camshaft electronically controlled pump nozzle box EUP / Electronic Control Unit Injector Tester
Camshaft speed sensor mounted on the tank, no external sensor can achieve synchronous control ;
Using modulated signal driving the fuel injection valve, be repaired to ensure the safety of the EUP ;
Advance angle and width adjustable drive signal;
The instrument has short circuit protection
And pump test bench support.
Electrical installation height unit pump cam box ( camshaft center to the test rig is installed countertop height )
Cam box can be highly customized according to customer requirements to install .