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Carter Decoder

Carter Decoder
  • Carter Decoder
Product code: 22659200001
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Carter detector -ET: widely used in construction machinery excavator generators, air compressors, ships, and other testing imported Chinese interface adapter, software, factory version, internal version, agent version, no time limit can be. always use. free upgrade, free registration, with a USB port, for a variety of notebook easy to install all- Chinese operation data analysis, fault codes, time adjustment, throttle calibration, timing calibration, hydraulic flow matching, computer board repair, refresh, computer board programming, computer board preparation modified EFI engine repair powerful diagnostic functions: off -cylinder test, beyond the test, swing the test, ET is not just a diagnostic tool to test also has a powerful service functions, such as maintenance calibration : PRV main pump control pressure calibration, PRV power shift calibration, PRV PRV hydraulic cooling fan calibration option calibrated flow control valve is equally applicable to : Atlas rig, CSR rigs, oilfield equipment and other detection Carter series all engines. hydraulic, electrical systems diagnostics.