CRI-200 Common Rail Injector Test Bench

CRI-200 Common Rail Injector Test Bench

Product description:

CRI-200 test bed is to detect high pressure common rail injector assembly performance of special equipment, which uses high-pressure common rail pumps produce original BOSCH 0-2000bar rail pressure, to test BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO injectors. Cylinder Observations fuel, simple operation, stable measurement.
:: Features ) ) ) )
1, the host drive with frequency control, computer control;
2, using original BOSCH high pressure common rail pumps produce 0-2000bar rail pressure;
3, the drive signal is adjustable;
4, short circuit protection;
5, real-time measurement of rail pressure, and high pressure protection;
6, the injector drive pulse width and frequency is adjustable;
7, the injector injection time or the number of injections can be freely set.
: : Features ) ) ) )
1, the measurement of the maximum common rail injector fuel (rated condition);
2, the measurement of the smallest common rail injector fuel (idle condition);
3, measuring average common rail injector fuel measurement (medium speed conditions);
4, measuring common rail injector return quantity;
5, free to set the high-pressure common rail injector fuel injection state and measurement;
6, can be atomized test: atomization, and determine whether the spray nozzle orifice blockage observed;
7, washable common rail injector: repair injector due to contamination caused by malfunction.
: : Technical Parameters ) ) ) )
1, pulse width: 0.1 ~ 20ms;
2, continuous injection frequency: 0 to 1000;
3, the fuel temperature: 40 ± 2 ℃;
4, rail pressure: 0 ~ 2000 bar;
5, the test oil filtration precision: 5μ;
6, the input power supply: three-phase 380V or three phase 220V;
7, test bench speed: 0 to 3000 rev / min;
8. Fuel tank capacity: 16L;
9, Size (MM): 1200 * 800 * 1600;
10, Weight: 400KG.