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RED4 control instruments

RED4 control instruments
  • RED4 control instruments
  • RED4 control instruments
Product code: 22659000001
Unit price: 4500 CNY  (654.28 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Features : Set the power supply, switch box, ECU as a whole, a high degree of integration, convenient and practical operation, the use of imported IC design and production, high reliability, commissioning equipped Japanese Zexel company's electronic speed RED4 the line pump, product performance in line with the original import control box, can completely replace imported products.

Products using wide input switching power supply, high-speed AMP7 main chip, integrated circuits, to complete all the debugging features RED4, product highly integrated, reliable performance, is the ideal electronic governor RED4 debug instrument .

Technical Specifications :

1. Power supply voltage : 220V 50HZ

2. Power : 220W

3. Data Display: four bright LED

4. Control Range: 5% -95 %

5. Control accuracy: + 0.1%

6. Preset fourth gear : 5% 16.25% 73.5% 95%