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190 combined pump test bench

190 combined pump test bench
  • 190 combined pump test bench
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According to the company Fuel Injection Equipment industry requirements designed and developed the latest generation of diesel fuel injection system to detect debugging equipment. The product is the main drive using the most advanced frequency control technology, variable speed range up 0-4000rpm, speed and stability, output torque Large, low noise test sets the speed, the amount of oil counts, fuel temperature, gas pressure, the toothed bar stroke, in advance angle and other functions, all with digital display, showing a clear, reliable, high control accuracy. The test stand most prominent One feature is: a multi-gear speed presets, preset speed, high precision, which greatly saves the transfer pump time and improve work efficiency.

First, the main features of the host drive with frequency control, speed range of ± 4000 r / min. Amount of oil counts, spindle speed, toothed bar stroke, in advance angle use four-digit display. Fuel temperature, gas pressure of three Digital Manual speed control and multi-speed preset speed. 0-0.25Mpa air supply output, built-playing pump. It has DC12V and DC24V stable power output host channel frame structure, the overall structure is compact, stable housing using electrostatic spray, beautiful cabinet gathers around the tank can rotate, can be adjusted up or down. The test bench has urgent brake switch. The use of advanced inverter control, high-speed precision. The test bench has undervoltage, overvoltage , overheating, overload protection function. test bench bilateral operation, convenient and flexible test sets and extremely low noise high test bench mechanical efficiency, energy conservation.

Second, based on the commissioning of the pump, choose the appropriate attachment, commissioning following items: testing at different speeds for each cylinder fuel injection pump fuel supply and supply uniformity of the test fuel pump and oil supply starting point intervals. angle. Check and adjust the governor's job performance pressure compensation performance of tests and inspections. distribution pump performance testing and adjustment of cold starting device and solenoid valve performance checks. assigned return quantity measuring pump a variety of speed. Determination of the internal pressure dispensing pump various speed. injection pump seal performance test. Check pump self-priming function. store, modify fuel pump debugging data and generate the database. Quick Search common diesel injection pump debugging data. pump speed characteristic curve automatically generated and CRT terminal display. Built-in high reliability horizontal pump Three 'T' type table, wide-body positioning support, equipment operation and stability. owned toolbox, commonly used special tools easy to carry.

Third, the main technical parameters spindle speed: 0-4000 r / min, reversing choose up to test the fuel pump cylinders: 12 cylinders spindle speed fluctuation: ± 1 rev / min Host power:. 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW, 22KW drive motor power supply:.. 1.1KW spindle center distance table height:. 125mm amount of oil counting: 0-1000 times, every 50 times a stall speed, counting, toothed bar stroke, advance angle, display digits: 4 pressure, oil temperature display: three fuel temperature control: 40 ℃ ± 2 ℃ Air pressure:. 0-0.25Mpa Fuel tank capacity:. ≥ 40L fuel pump supply. Oil: ≥ 10 liters / min fuel filter precision: 5μ glass cylinder volume: a large tube: 150ml small cylinder: 45ml fuel pressure gauge 1.5: 0-0.6Mpa; 0-6Mpa; 0-0.16Mpa.... ; 0-1.6Mpa standard injector:.. ZS12SJI Cooling: forced air.