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CRI700 common rail injector control device

CRI700 common rail injector control device
  • CRI700 common rail injector control device
Product code: 22658600001
Unit price: 1200 CNY  (174.31 USD)
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Other info: 1500KG
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The instrument used for maintenance test diesel Common Rail injector atomization quality.
Common rail injector drive, according to the principle of high-speed solenoid valve drive circuit fabrication Bosch ECU, to produce a low frequency drive signal similar ECU 's (IHZ so) Providing pressure source through the normal hand pressure check, you can observe the injectors atomization performance, and electromagnetic valve state detection .
To ensure the reliability of each piece of equipment in the factory has gone through strict quality control and 72 hours of uninterrupted work for your use of the process to add a comfortable!


• provide a piezoelectric crystal injectors ( special models), Bosch fuel injector, Delphi injector three kinds of drive signals compatible domestic fuel injector
• can meet the needs of three kinds of injector test
• injection start signal debugging, maintenance process safer
• Injector drive signal parameters adjustable range, easy measuring
• Short-circuit protection
• Provide complete accessories, wiring harness, a variety of high-pressure tubing / low pressure tubing / pipe fittings, etc.

CRI-700 Common Rail Injector Tester standard configuration