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CR100 Common Rail Test Bench

CR100 Common Rail Test Bench
  • CR100 Common Rail Test Bench
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CR100 is detected common rail test bench Common Rail pump and common rail injector special equipment, to test BOSCH, SINMENS.

DELPHI, DENSO common rail pump and injector. The device is fully simulate high pressure common rail injection system engine principle, the main drive is fully recoverable

With Bosch common-rail systems, test more accurate.

1, to adjust the drive signal to ensure the safety of the solenoid valve coil common rail high pressure pump and injector. 2, can drive the high pressure pump and six injectors 3, setting the duty ratio of the oil pump drive signal to adjust the common rail high-pressure pump load and rail pressure. 5, the liquid crystal display real-time monitoring of rail pressure. 6, detected common rail pump pressure regulator valve performance 7, 8 detect rail pressure sensor performance, the detection performance of the rail pressure pressure limiting valve 9, to detect a common rail fuel injection quantity of the injector 10, to detect a common rail injector return quantity. 11, check the consistency of common rail injector 12, with short circuit protection, protection of the solenoid valve coil and drive circuit safety. 13, having overpressure protection, automatic shutdown 1800bar rail pressure is greater than 14, can detect common rail pump oil efficiency. 15, the user can automatically detect and determine the fuel pump is qualified, whether the standards set in accordance with their own procedures. 16, It can be networked, update data. (test rig fuel used computer display and test tube display, dual-use and more accurate, comparative)

: : Features ) ) ) )
Common Rail Injector detection
Common Rail Pump Detection
1, the detection brand: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS;
2, can detect six common rail injector;
3, measuring the pre-injection common rail injector (spray conditions);
4, the measurement of the maximum common rail injector fuel (rated condition);
5, measuring a minimum common rail injector fuel (idle condition);
6, average fuel common rail injector test measurements (medium speed conditions);
7, the measurement of common rail injector fuel return;
8, can be set to a high pressure common rail injector fuel injection state and measurement;
9, can be atomized test: atomization, and determine whether the spray nozzle orifice blockage observed;
10, washable common rail injector: repair injector due to contamination caused by failure;
11, it can query, store, generate the database.
1, the detection brand: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS;
2, testing common rail pump tightness;
3, the detection of the internal pressure of the common rail pump;
4, testing common rail pump proportional solenoid valve;
5, pump performance testing common rail pump;
6, testing common rail pump flow;
7, real-time measurement of rail pressure;
8, queries, stored, generated database.
:: Technical parameters number ) ) ) )
1, fuel injection test frequency: 50 ~ 3000rpm;
2, pulse width: 0.1 ~ 200ms;
3, continuous injection frequency: 0 to 1000;
4, the fuel temperature: 40 ± 2 ℃;
5, rail pressure: 0 ~ 2000 bar;
6, the test oil filtration precision: 5μ;
7, the input power supply: three-phase 380V or three phase 220V;
8, test bench speed: 0 to 4000 rev / min;
9. Fuel tank capacity: 60L;
10, the flywheel inertia: 0.8KG.M2;
11, center height: 125MM;
12, the output power: 15KW;
13, the total size (MM): 1600 * 800 * 1500;
14, Weight: 800 kg.